Why choose a tiny house

Why choose a tiny house

Why choose a tiny house

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a tiny house? If you think about it, it might be a good decision. A tiny house is likely to be the best choice for many reasons. Here are the reasons why choose a tiny house!

The main reason why choose a tiny house is affordable price

Price is certainly the most convincing reason to buy a tiny house. With fewer meters, its price is lower than that of a large house in similar condition and location, so you don’t need to save as much to buy it. What’s more, all the expenses and taxes associated with the purchase will also be cheaper because they are calculated based on the price of the house. If you have to take out a mortgage, you won’t need as much money to finance the purchase, so the financial effort to pay the loan won’t be so heavy. So all in all the tiny house cost is far lower then the traditional competitors.

Ease of maintenance

In reality, the maintenance required for a house in terms of the good condition of the walls and floors does not change due to the size of the house. You will still need to paint the walls after a few years and sand, varnish or replace the floor that has been damaged by use. The advantage in the case of a tiny house is that the cost of carrying out these tasks will also be lower than if it were a large house with many more metres of floor and walls. If the house does not have a garden, you are relieved of the care and maintenance tasks that are constant throughout the year.

Better time optimisation

You probably think that there is no relationship between time and the size of the house, but the truth is that yes, they are linked in a very direct way. The amount of time spent cleaning is infinitely less in a tiny house than in a large one, leaving you plenty of time to dispose of it as you wish. If you only have one bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to clean, you have to spend a few hours a week preparing them, the rest of the time you can spend on leisure and rest.

Few pieces of furniture

The decoration of a tiny house is easier to furnish. You just need to choose some furniture to avoid feeling overwhelmed. It is better to leave some space free to make life comfortable than to overload the house with auxiliary furniture and decorations. It is not a question of creating minimalist houses, but of decorating with furniture that fulfils a certain function in each room. In fact, the lack of storage is a problem in tiny houses, although it can in fact be considered an advantage as it allows priority to be given to the necessary and avoids the superfluous.

Saving energy

An obvious advantage of tiny houses is that they offer great energy savings. Whether heating in winter or air conditioning in summer, these houses need to consume less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. Their smaller size means that they can be heated or cooled in less time, which translates into savings.

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