The Best Trailers for tiny houses

trailers for tiny houses

The Best Trailers for tiny houses

If you planning to build a tiny house on wheels then you need a trailer for your tiny houses. In a general point of view nothing stopping you fabricating an welding one together yourself, but its take skills and lots of knowledge.

Coming from that point its makes sense to buy a purpose built trailer for your tiny house. But which one you should choose, and how to make the best decision.

Here are some of the most well known trailer companies.

1.”Build Tiny” and they Detachable Trailers

trailers for tiny houses
Image source Build Tiny

This trailer is know by its own unique feature which allows you disconnect the main platform from the main trailer. The way it works is on the trailer frame there is a purpose built platform which means you could use it as a tiny house on wheels or a stand alone construction.

For that reason alone you are able to remove your tiny house from the trailer completely and save yourself the hassle of registering the trailer as a tiny house. Its also making inspecting the trailer much easier and obvisouly as added benefit you can just drop your house off and use the trailer for other jobs, like getting materials and parts for your Tiny house.

trailers for tiny houses
Image source Build Tiny

The trailer is equipped with jack stands which makes it easier to raise your house and remove it. The trailer also made from a a very durable but lightweight galvanized steel. The size of the trailer vary between build’s so get in touch with the company for more accurate prices and advice.

2.Tiny Home Builder Trailers

This trailers are know to be ready for the next built step as they come “ready to be built on”. The trailer frame is constructed in a way where you ca begin your build straight on top around the flat deck. The deck itself constructed from lightweight steel rather than wood for extra durability.

As with most purpose built trailers for tiny houses they come in various sizes and weights. The standard version starts from 8’6″ but the company build them to your own required sizes if necessary. The GVW vary from 10.000 to all the way to 21.000 so you wont have to worry about weight.

3. Tiny House Basics Trailers

Tiny House Basic Trailers are known to make trailers in various sizes and styles for everyone favour. The key feature on them is the different lengths variety which range between the relatively small 12′ long to all the way to 30′ long version. The widths are ranging from 92″ to 102″.

The key benefit of these trailers is that they come completely sheeted in metal on the underside which makes your construction prevented from water splashing or frost getting into your floorboards and causing you additional problems. Most of they trailers are coming with a strong and durable dual axle which have a minimum hold rating of 7.000 pounds. Based on that even a tiny 12′ trailer can hold and significantly big weight. One of the safety features they offer on they trailers is an electric brake system. This hooks up to your vehicle brake controller and have a better stop and response rating the traditional drum breaks.

4. Trailer Made Trailers

best trailers for tiny houses
Source Trailers by trailers

One of the most well know company when its comes to trailers for tiny houses. They offer a variety of trailer , Tiny House shells, and fully equipped and built tiny homes.

Due to the experience in the field, they offer a vide variety of trailers. Most of they trailers are based on a double or triple axle and have a GVW of 28.000 pounds. The off the shelf trailer sizes are starting from 12′ to all the way to 44 feet.

The way the trailers constructed means most of they tubular chassis trailer sits lower than usual which makes its limited when its comes of uneven ground but the low tow point makes its easier to pull on flat road surface.

As most trailers they use galvanizes protection underneath to protect your tiny hoes from any water, or weather elements.

The key selling point lays in they work trust as they offer a lifetime chassis guarantee.

You wont find this sort of guarantee anywhere else. They also offer electric brakes and LED lights along with many other features for they trailers.

5. Tiny Smart House

The Tiny Smart House company specialised in trailers for tiny houses. They offer custom designed trailers which you wont find in many places.

They mostly use tube steel during construction, and the basic sizes range from 12′ to all the way 44′ long. Many of the averaged sizes come with double axle while the bigger sizes based on triple axle. They also offer the traditional flat bed option or gooseneck.

The bonus the company throws in is that you receive a free building plan with every trailer. They offer a total of 8 different plans. These plans are all basic plans so you have plenty of room and opportunity to customize it and make it your own.


As you see no two trailers are the same and most of the specialised companies build them on they own way. When its comes to trailers for tiny houses you have to have a great idea of what you exactly want. Do you want a tiny house on wheels or you want to be able to site your tiny house? Where you gonna be located. What sort of weather elements the trailer have to withstand. How much traveling you planning to do. How much weight you planning to set on them.

All in all you can confidently hit up any of these companies and they will offer a professional advice to help you out with your decision.

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