Top 5 Tiny House on Wheels Under 50k

Top 5 Tiny House on Wheels Under 50k

If you’re looking to live more simply, the tiny house on wheels is a great way to do it. They are typically
under 500 square feet and have all the amenities of a regular home. This blog post will go over some of the
top 5 tiny houses on wheels for those who want to keep their living expenses down. Tiny houses are all the
rage these days. These 100 square foot homes are now being hailed as a way to solve homelessness in
America, provide affordable housing, and help the environment through their efficient use of resources. As
big fans of tiny house living at Getaway House, we have decided to compile a list of our Top 5 Tiny House on Wheels Under 50k so you can take your first step towards living life simply

Champion Eco-travel Trailer

Welcome to the Product Review for the Champion Eco-travel Trailer. This travel trailer was designed by our
team at Champion to be lightweight, fuel-efficient, and affordable. The Eco-travel Trailer is constructed
from aerospace grade aluminum materials designed to provide superior strength while still being extremely
light weight for ease of transportation. No other travel trailer can compare with its low fuel consumption,
lightweight design and low cost of ownership! Other trailers are made from steel which requires heavy
equipment to transport but our trailers weigh approximately 4000lbs and can be towed without a winch or
costly equipment. The first and most important thing that you should know about this product is that it
comes in small and lightweight, weighing only 1,100 lbs when empty. Therefore, if you’re planning on doing
some solo traveling without a hefty vehicle, you will find many benefits in owning your own eco-travel
trailer by champion.

-Its lightweight design of only 1100lbs included everything inside, such as kitchenware and bedding, so
moving it around is easy since all you need is one person.
-It is very affordable and a great way to cut down on travel expenses since you can camp for free if you
have a place to park it.
-With the Champion Eco-travel trailer, you will be able to save money by cooking your own meals
inside instead of eating out from expensive restaurants all day.

-It is designed for one person, so if you need more space or have a bigger family, there are other
models available with additional features available.
-Although it is designed to be lightweight at 1,100 lbs, it may not be ideal for driveways that are not
gravel or have some level of incline.


Q: What is the weight capacity for this product?
A: Although it only weighs 1,100 lbs empty, it can carry more than one person. It has a total weight capacity
of 2,200 lbs.

Q: Is this travel trailer self-contained?
A: Yes! All you need is yourself, and you are ready to explore nature
with your very own Champion Eco-travel Trailer.

Q: How long does it take to set up?
A: Once you arrive at your destination, about an hour or less should be
enough time to set up your travel trailer, depending on how fast you work.

Freedlander Tiny House on Wheels by Kamping World

With a low cost of under $30,000 , the Freedlander by Kamping world is an easily moveable tiny house with
a living space of 15ft x 7.5ft and weighs around 4500 pounds . The design is simple, sturdy and compact
allowing it to be towed with most cars (except for SUVs) and maneuvered through the most difficult terrain.
Freedlander Tiny House on Wheels by Kamping World is a tiny house that has been designed to be an
affordable way for people to get into the tiny house movement. The home has two windows, one in the front
and one in the back, which allows for good air circulation throughout the year. It’s really well insulated so
you won’t have any issues with heating or cooling it. There are storage shelves up above both beds which
will help keep things neat and tidy when sleeping. And there’s lots of room in here for two adults plus extra
guests! You can even stand up inside of this tiny home! Here at Tumbleweed, we’re always working on new
designs to make life easier for you all who choose to live a simpler life. That’s why we’re excited to
introduce this new tiny home, the Freedlander.

-Two beds can hold two people each Has a front and back window for air circulation.
-Well insulated, so you don’t have to worry about heating or cooling.
-Lots of storage space
-Can stand up in the house
-Includes all appliances: stove, fridge, sink
-The size is not too big and not too small- rather just right

-There needs to be insulation around the electrical wires around the exterior of the home.

Q: Where is it made? This tiny home is manufactured in Colorado.
A: Where do I get replacement parts if I need them? You can order replacements from Tumbleweed

Tiny ECO House on Wheels by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

The Tumbleweed Tiny ECO house is one of our most affordable models at just under $40k and with a floor
plan of 12ft X 28ft the interior feels bright and open with high ceilings. This little home can sit up to three
people and has all the necessities installed such as heat, insulation ,plumbing, electrical wiring etc, plus those
fun extras like an entry door with lockable deadbolt, 15″ flat screen TV with DVD player, solar powered 12v
DC interior lights and more.

The ECO Tiny House on Wheels by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses is an eco-friendly alternative to “traditional”
housing. This house was designed by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, a company based in Sonoma County,
California. The ECO Tiny House on Wheels has many benefits including its small size which makes it easy
to transport and park wherever you want. It also offers other great features such as energy efficiency making
it cost effective, low maintenance costs due to being made from recyclable materials and having no yard
work because it’s portable. The ECO Tiny House also includes an eco-roof which collects rainwater for use
saving the earth from further pollution via oil or synthetic fertilizers used growing plants that need water.

-The ECO Tiny House on Wheels is a great alternative to more expensive living spaces.
-It offers many benefits such as low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. In addition, it’s made from recyclable materials making it environmentally friendly.
-The Eco house can be used as a permanent structure or for temporary housing situations.

-The ECO Tiny House on Wheels may not be suitable for every situation and the buyer should research if this
is the best product for their needs before purchasing it.

Q: Where can I buy one of these houses?
A: You can buy them right here!

Q: How much do they cost?
A: Prices vary depending on the size and model.

Q: How long does it take to receive the product?
A: They usually arrive between 2-6 weeks after purchase due to shipping restrictions

Cedar Creek Cabin by Escape Trailer Homes, Inc.

Cute as a button this tiny house on wheels provides an affordable way to get into your own home away from
home that you can rely on. The standard features are already installed such as cooking appliances that
include refrigerator/freezer, propane stove top and oven, sink with running water , composting toilet and a
shower. With a small exterior footprint of just 13ft x 7ft the Cedar Creek cabin is easy to tow behind most
vehicles and will provide years of comfortable living. Introducing Cedar Creek, a new cabin that features
everything you need and more. With plenty of room for the whole family, this spacious floor plan is
designed to give you all of the comforts of home. Whether your stay is just for relaxation or long term, this
cabin has something for everyone.
Come see why our customers have been raving about us on Facebook with over half a million fans.

-Spacious master bedroom with comfortable king size bed and two twin beds in separate room
-Fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher & kitchen sink with disposal
-Laundry area with washer/dryer included
-Private deck off the back door allows easy access to fire pit and outdoor lighting
-Large game room upstairs with pool table and full size air hockey game
-Two bathrooms, one on the main floor and another in the basement for convenience to multi-level living.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The starting price for this house is $79,900.

Q: What kind of warranty do you provide?
A: We provide a 1 year parts warranty on all major appliances including the stove, dishwasher, washer/dryer unit, furnace/air conditioning system etc… Cedar Creek also
comes with a standard structural warranty that covers all defects in workmanship and construction materials.
There are no hidden fees or deductibles like other manufacturers.

The Haven Tiny Home on Wheels by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

If you are on the hunt for an affordable tiny house on wheels that is ready to be towed on its own, then look
no further! The Haven by Tumbleweed Tiny House comes with all the bells and whistles without breaking
your back bank account. This lovely home features a full kitchen including fridge/freezer, propane stove top
and oven, sink with running water , shower , composting toilet plus an outdoor shower for days at the beach.
With measurements of 12ft x 26ft this little cabin will provide years of cozy living. Tumbleweed Tiny
Homes is a company that holds the patent to many of the designs and building techniques used in modern
tiny homes, but one of its best products is The Haven – a tiny house built on top of a 20′ Mercedes-Benz
Sprinter van. With an extremely well-thought-out design, it takes full advantage of all available space and
looks great both inside and outside.

By far the most impressive feature about this tiny home is its use of space; because everything has been
designed with expert precision, there are multiple storage spaces within the kitchen cabinets, under the stairs
leading up to the loft bedroom, behind doors hidden on either side for between-space storage, as well as
racks upon racks for hanging clothes or towels. Additionally, the bed is a Murphy bed, so it can be folded up
and tucked away when not in use.

There’s really only one major drawback to this tiny home – while it does have a small bathroom with a
composting toilet and a shower, there isn’t much room for anything else while someone is using the shower
because of where the drain is placed – on top of the floor joist right next to the aluminum siding. In short,
you need to move all your things out from under that area or get them wet while using the shower or taking
care of business in the bathroom.

1) How does insulation work? The Haven has R-38 fiberglass insulation in the roof and R-49 fiberglass
insulation in the floor.
2) What is a composter toilet? A composting toilet is similar to a regular flush toilet, but instead of having a
septic tank or being hooked up to a traditional sewage system, it uses organics that break down into natural
3) Does The Haven have an air conditioning unit? Yes! It comes with an Energy Star RV furnace and
window air conditioner.
The tiny house movement has been gaining traction over the past few years, and for good reason. For some
people, living in a small space can be freeing because it eliminates so many of life’s distractions. If you are
looking to live sustainably or just want more freedom from your mortgage payments, then maybe it is time
to give this idea some thought! Here are five of the most affordable tiny houses on the market today that will
help keep costs down while providing all of the features you need to enjoy an off-grid lifestyle with ease.

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