Top 5 locations to put your tiny house

Top 5 locations to put your tiny house

Tiny houses are structures that typically have a living area of fewer than 400 sq ft. For many people, they are
the most affordable way to have their own home because you need only the land. But finding a place for
your tiny house can be difficult. You might consider putting your tiny house somewhere with cheap rent or
good land for sale, like the countryside or an abandoned lot. But many cities make finding a place to put
your tiny house difficult. If you’re considering building a tiny house or want to put one on your property,
check out these Top 5 locations to put your tiny house:

Brevard, NC:

So you want to put a tiny house in Brevard, NC? That’s cool.
Brevard is a small city nestled in the southeastern corner of Western North Carolina along the border with
Tennessee. It’s known for being home to the headquarters and factory of Rocky Knob Cabins, where they
make hand-crafted log cabins starting at about $30k to over $100k, depending on size, etc. You can tour
their facility to get ideas or buy a ready-made cabin from them. Rocky Knob Cabins have been
manufacturing quality cabins since 1947.
More recently, Brevard has become famous as being one of the hubs for bike culture in North Carolina,
hosting an annual Bike Fest every year that brings people from all over the country to check out this small
mountain town and all its offerings.
If you’re a cyclist, you may want to consider being within biking distance of some of these great trails.
Brevard is also just a short drive from Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Forest, or Gorges State Park for
anyone that likes the outdoors.
In addition to Rocky Knob Cabins and Bike Fest, Brevard is famous in North Carolina is being popular with
retirees looking for a pretty place to live out their golden years. So you could probably find some good
company if you decided to put your tiny house up here in little Brevard.
Ok, so what’s it cost? Well, prices are going anywhere from $10k to $40k, but what does it matter? You
don’t have anything to spend your money on anyway, so you might as well start spending it now.
Brevard is also a college town, with Brevard College located at the center of town. Brevard College is a
small liberal arts college, and you can stay at one of their dorms if you like.
One last thing: no, you cannot put your tiny house on the Rocky Knob Cabins factory property. It’s already
full of tiny houses.

Green Bridge Farm in Guyton, GA:

Green Bridge Farm lies on 13 acres outside Guyton between historic Savannah and coastal St. Simons
Island, Georgia. It is 10 minutes from I-95 exit 96 at Richmond Hill /Guyton, where there’s ample lodging
plus cheap Fuea trucker’s delight. And it is 20 minutes from historic downtown Savannah or the St. Simons
Island ferries as well as other local attractions and full-range services and just 20 minutes from I-95’s exit
104, Pooler /McAlpin, where there is a large new truck stop with all amenities and cheap fuel: a real boon
for self-contained travelers.
Guyton is a city of 4,617 people in southeastern Effingham County, Georgia. It’s a speck on the map
between Savannah and Charleston, SC.
What you will find here is an old barn that has been transformed into a tiny house (and businesses spaces).
The place exists as a community for those who want to live small. People live as well as work there. Their
goal is to create sustainable living.
They already have some completed tiny houses that can be rented out, and they are working on more
buildings (all sizes something for everyone). You can live there rent-free if you agree to do 2 hours of chores
per day. If you don’t like doing chores, then you can pay a small fee to live there.
There is an old barn that has been turned into a store, and it’s attached to the residential building where
people live. You can rent out one of their tiny houses while working in their store (or any other business
space). You get to own 100% of your tiny house once you’re done with it.
They provide all the power equipment for free, so if you bring your tiny house, you’ll be able to plug right
into what they already have set up. They are about 30 miles from Savannah and Charleston, SC, so it’s not
too close or too far away from big cities. This place would be great for anyone looking to build their tiny
house but doesn’t want to deal with all the inevitable issues that go along with it.

Spur, TX:

As more tiny houses are built and the demand increases, many places in America will be left out. But what
about rural Texas? Is rural Texas a good place for tiny houses? If you want to live in the country and enjoy
some of the comforts of city life, Spur, Texas, may very well be one of the Top 5 locations to put your tiny
Spur is located in Dickens County, a county known for vast ranch land stretching as far as the eye can see.
Spur was once known as ‘The Heart of Texas.’ The town is home to roughly 1,300 residents and one main
strip home to many retail stores. It’s also home to the industry such as oil and gas production and agriculture.
The town’s slogan, ‘A Bit of Old and a Bit of New,’ is one that truly embodies the town because it at times
feels like a step back in time with a modern twist. With a population that can almost guarantee you won’t
feel crowded, Spur provides many opportunities to have that scenic rural life while still being just minutes
from civilization if needed.
Spur also has an RV park, which would be perfect for tiny house owners looking for a place to camp out
while they build their tiny dream homes.
Rural Texas should not be forgotten when it comes to building more tiny houses. For many, living outside
city limits is the ideal way to live. And from what we’ve seen so far, Spur, Texas, might be a great place to
start building your tiny house. And we’re pretty sure you’ll love it here and feel right at home.

Fresno, CA:

So, you are considering building a tiny house in Fresno, CA. You are correct in taking this step towards
living the dream of minimalism and simple living. But, what is suitable for me? Is Fresno good for tiny
houses? What can I expect if I build there? The understanding here is that Fresno has an average high
temperature in the ’90s during the summer months, arid conditions with little rainfall, and is located near
Yosemite National Park at about 1000ft above sea level.
Fresno, California, is one of the Top 4 Places to live in America? It’s also a Top 3 city where millennials are
moving to and a Top 10 “most affordable” city. Plus, Forbes lists it as #10 on the list of America’s ” Coolest
Cities for Arts & Culture .” This may be surprising because everyone thinks of Los Angeles when they think
of California, but the central valley area is also very nice. Many people may not realize how fun it can be
here if they haven’t visited recently or at all.
Is it Good Living?:
As stated earlier, Fresno has extreme temperatures during the hot summer months, where highs can be well
beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit. On the same note, however, winters are very mild, with lows being around
40 degrees Fahrenheit. The city averages around 12 inches of rainfall throughout the year, not very much
compared to other California cities. So if you are planning on building outside of town or in the surrounding
foothills where it is significantly cooler, then this would be ideal for you.
Build laws?:
The city currently has no building codes, so there are no restrictions against tiny houses. However, this may
change as the city begins to take notice and see many people living off-grid, which will undoubtedly
influence policy changes.
Surrounding Area:
Fresno is located just a few hours from Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, which
offers many different camping sites and even cabin rentals for those who want a little more comfort than
your average tiny house. Yosemite is an ideal location for those seeking to build their tiny dream house
because of the secluded locations, hiking trails, and stunning views.
Lake Tahoe:

If you seek a little more warmth and excitement during the winter months, then Lake Tahoe may be your
ideal location. Not too far away from Fresno (about 4 hours or so), Lake Tahoe offers skiing, snowboarding,
sledding, ice fishing, and plenty of other activities for those who want to enjoy some time off from their tiny
house living experience.
All in all, it is possible but not recommended to have a comfortable tiny house living experience in Fresno
because of its extreme temperatures throughout the year. However, if you can do without using an A/C unit,
this place could be a good potential option for you.

River View at Cleora in Salida, CO:

River View at Cleora is a tiny house community of 2 acres just south of the Arkansas River and right across
from Salida, Colorado. The views of Mount Princeton and Mount Shavano are amazing. This area is known
for fantastic fly fishing and whitewater rafting opportunities on the Arkansas River. It’s also known as an
outdoor recreation mecca with hundreds of miles of trails for hiking, biking, ATVs, equestrians, you name it.
If you like to ski, there are several world-class ski resorts within easy driving distance (Monarch Mountain,
Sunlight Ski Resort Powderhorn) or some that are just a short plane ride away (Vail, Beaver Creek). There’s
also historic downtown Salida less than a mile away, where you can meet all your shopping and dining
“Now, why would I possibly want to put my tiny house in Salida, Colorado?”
There has been lots of positive movement on tiny house friendly legislation lately, and tiny houses will soon
become mainstream. Tiny Houses are very appealing right now because they offer more freedom than a
regular home or apartment and, at the same time, don’t require so many materials and energy to build and
maintain. There’s also less square footage which means lower heating bills. River View at Cleora is one of
the only communities that offers river frontage where you can place your tiny house in an open space with
beautiful views. So it’s got good bones for being a future tiny house community.
What about renters insurance? Or “Where am I going to put my stuff?
In the meantime, while the legislation catches up with people’s demand for small living spaces, there are
some companies out there that offer insurance for your tiny house. Check out this article from Tiny House
Giant Journey on finding a good renters policy for your tiny house. You can also use a storage facility near
River View at Cleora if you need more room to store some of your belongings during the week. Nobody
would want you to lose all your possessions if a fire-ravaged your home.


If you consider moving into a new location where you can set your tiny house, make sure you consider these
Top 5 Locations to Put Your Tiny House. Make sure to check your local zoning laws for enforcement. If
possible, try and speak with your neighbours before putting up any structures on your property if they object
to the changes. Also, keep in mind that even if you find land for sale or cheap rent elsewhere, other costs
could come up when moving or parking your tiny house (e.g., permits, construction fees). If possible, see if
there are people who already live in little houses like yours near where you want to build so that you can
learn from them about how to take care of everything involved in living in one yourself.

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