Top 5 Affordable Tiny House

Top 5 Affordable Tiny House

Lets see what are the Top 5 Affordable Tiny House is about. Living small has been a growing trend for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money on housing. Many people have taken this as an opportunity and built their own homes from scratch, but the costs of materials can add up fast. Buying prefabricated tiny houses also can be expensive, some costing as much as $40,000 or more depending on size and amenities. Building your own house from scratch can take years unless you have experience doing it. Thankfully there’s another option: buying used cargo shipping containers and converting them into living spaces for cheap! It only takes a weekend and the main cost is having someone cut out openings in the metal box – something most people with basic building knowledge could do yourself if they had the right tools. One of the best things about these houses is that they are insulated well, made to survive extreme conditions, and come in 8ft wide modules which means you can make them two stories tall if desired to conserve space. Check out these five affordable tiny homes made from used cargo shipping containers.

The Pearl Micro Home by My Tiny House Company

The Pearl Micro Home, designed by My Tiny House Co. and located in Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA, is a
tiny modern house built on a 20′ trailer. This compact home measures 211-square feet and has one bedroom
with a full-size bed and all the amenities of an average-sized home.
Living Area: The living area contains a sofa that converts into a comfortable queen-sized bed for guests –
who will enjoy having their own private space. At night you can transform this space into an inviting sitting
room to relax after a busy day or enjoy some downtime before retiring for the evening.
The kitchen comes fully equipped with appliances such as an oven/range combination, refrigerator, and
dishwasher, presenting your family with everything they need to cook and clean.
The living room contains a wall of built-in storage space to keep your belongings tucked away and houses
the bathroom’s mechanicals. The bedroom has a full ensuite bathroom and enough closet space for you to
enjoy yourself in your private luxury.
Bathroom: This tiny house comes equipped with an attractive and spacious bathroom that includes a walk-in
shower, toilet, sink design with matching vanity cabinet, as well as a large linen closet for all those extra
towels and bedding items you may need.
Loft: A 7′ x 8′ loft is located above the kitchen/living area, perfect for storage or as additional sleeping space
for children or guests.
Trailer: The Pearl Micro Home can be moved easily by way of a single axle trailer, which is included in the
sale. This tiny house also comes with two skylights to allow for beautiful natural lighting in the main living

Top 5 Affordable Tiny House

Attractive design inside and out makes this home aesthetically pleasing to see as well as live in.
The Wall of storage units keeps everything tidy and hidden away – never know it’s there until you need
The inclusion of a loft means that your kids can have their very own sleeping space right above your
heads, making them feel included while keeping peace if they are sharing a room.
With one bedroom and a queen-sized sofa bed, this space can easily accommodate up to three guests,
not worrying about someone sleeping on the floor.
The kitchen has everything needed to prepare a meal for your family or guests – helping you save
money on food!

The inclusion of an oven/range combination may be seen as a disadvantage by some who prefer to
have all-electric appliances in their homes, especially if they live in cooler climates where cooking
with an open flame is not conducive for heating the home.
This tiny house does not come furnished, allowing buyers to have freedom of choice when it comes
time to purchase items that suit them best. For example, while there is enough closet space in the onebedroom other people may prefer to have a larger shower/bathroom area built-in.

Q. What is the bathroom made of?
A. The Pearl Micro Home will come with an attractive full-size ceramic tiled shower with glass doors, a
porcelain toilet, and sink basin, as well as a linen closet for towels and extra bedding items.

Q. Where are the windows located?
A. Two skylights can be found on both sides of the trailer, allowing natural lighting into the living areas to
enjoy your time indoors no matter what time of day it is or what time of year it is! To keep out unwanted
heat during the summer months, you may leave them closed, opening them up once winter comes around.

Q. Do these tiny houses come fully furnished?
A. No, the Pearl Micro Home does not come fully furnished, allowing you to put items in it that best suit
your needs and tastes.

Go House Micro Home

The Go House Micro Home is an innovative approach to the struggle of some developing countries to
provide affordable housing for their citizens. A new type of family home is very compact; however,
sufficient space is provided for sleeping, cooking, and relaxing. It is easy to assemble and requires no
specialized construction knowledge. Even better: all tools required can be found in most existing homes!
The house comes packed flat and uses only high-quality materials that will not corrode or rot. All windows
and doors are screened with fine mesh,, allowing cool breezes into the home while keeping out insects and
other uninvited guests.
Go House Micro Homes were designed as a response to the critical need for low-cost housing throughout the
world. They specifically address the needs of families in developing countries and help solve problems like:

They provide a safe and clean home suitable for an average family (one or two adults, three to four
Go House Micro Homes are extremely inexpensive at only $100.00 per home! That’s about as much as
material for a large shed.
All materials used by Go House are non-corrosive and rot-resistant, making them ideal even in harsh
climates/ conditions. They will not chip, crack or peel from exposure to cold, wind, or rain.
The house is simple to maintain since it repels moisture very well and does not have any liquid water
paths such as cracks where liquid can collect and cause mold or mildew.
The floor plan can be tailored to suit your needs – whether you have growing children or need a space
for an office.
Each Go House Micro Home is pre-cut precisely, making assembly easy and quick! It takes only 15
minutes to put it together.

There are no major cons that come with this product since it is meant for low-income families that are
not rich enough to afford houses in the city. Thus they live on homesteads. The closest con we could
think of is possibly choosing the right color scheme to make the home presentable and more attractive;
however, this should not be a major concern as these homes will more than likely end having a plain
exterior (after all, it is a box with windows and doors.)
Insects can get through if they have a very small build. Although the netting prevents bugs from
entering, some insects such as flies may be able to wriggle their way in (but only in extremely rare
circumstances and if they’re abnormally big.)

Q: What is the height of this house?
A: The height of the Go House Micro Home is three meters or eight feet. This allows sufficient headspace
for me to stand up straight inside. It has no ceiling, so you’ll see the rafters when inside. If you wish to add a
ceiling, simply add wooden beams across and add your own sheeting.

Q: How many people can this house sleep?
A: The Go House Micro Home has a maximum sleeping capacity of four, but it is only designed to
accommodate three people (two adults and one child or two children.)

Q: What flooring can be used?
A: Almost any flooring can be installed. Tile, carpet, wood- you name it. The space under the house can also
be used for storage if desired.

Q: Is there a way to add an extension to the home?
A: Yes! You can add on as much extra square footage as you need simply by adding another section of walls
going in the same direction as the main home and then attaching a roof. If you have a flat top on your home,
you can even add a second story; just remember to allow for the required headspace.

SmartSpace Modular Micro Home

The SmartSpace Modular Micro Home is a new form of micro living that Modular Living Systems, LLC is
currently creating. They were founded in 2013 and have since been developing their housing solution to be
more than just a simple building system for homes and apartments. They claim to be capable of constructing
every component within the home while also designing around the user’s specific needs. The idea is to give
them so much flexibility that one could custom tailor their home according to their individual lifestyle,
whether hosting large parties or having an intimate space for quiet time alone.
While there are still no official announcements on when this product will become available, they are
accepting registrations from interested customers who can show proof of funds.

No need for a large plot of land or room needed to assemble the house upon installation.
Mobile unit that can be moved from big cities to rural areas without much hassle.
Customizable options mean it can suit anyone’s needs.
One could build multiple houses with just their initial investment at hand, meaning they’re less reliant
on banks or other financial institutions when wanting to expand their living space. It also means no
more waiting years before constructing another new home after buying one.
Various insulation and design features allow total control over the temperature within the house while
ensuring energy efficiency

Not available yet so there are currently no con details known. – There is no official website yet. There
are currently no customer reviews on it or any ratings online.
Not everyone will be interested in the idea of this sort of housing solution. For example, some people
prefer to have more space than what’s available within these types of homes so they can expand them
later down the line if their families grow larger.


Q: When will the SmartSpace Modular Micro Home be available?
A: There is still no set date for when pre orders will begin and no official announcement regarding the price tag
that customers should anticipate paying once it reaches stores. As soon as updates are revealed, they’ll be
posted here on our website so remember to check back regularly for future information.

Q: Who can buy and use the SmartSpace Modular Micro Home?
A: Anyone who’s interested in one of these types of housing solutions is able to pre-register with them. Proof of
funds will be required if you’re looking to invest in this product so make sure you’ve got copies on hand
before starting the application process!

Q: Where is it available?
A: It doesn’t look like they have any physical store locations at the moment but you shouldn’t run into any
problems as long as your house is large enough for shipping. However, double check that there aren’t any
local laws in your area that could interfere with its proper delivery and set up.

Abode Micro Cabin

When the days are longer and it’s warm enough to sit outside but too cold for sandals, you can now take
refuge in your own micro cabin.
Designed by Uppsala-based Nils Thuerey, this small hut is built on a raised bed so it won’t hog all your
backyard space. The rustic wooden walls give the hut a cozy feel, while still letting light filter through. You
can even lift up the slatted roof to let fresh air in during hot summer months.
The micro cabin features three exterior steps leading to the entranceway, which opens into an open plan
interior with one large room containing a couch and bookcase on one side and a kitchenette on the other side.

Perfect for gardeners and nature lovers who want to spend more time outdoors during the summer
months without feeling too exposed to the elements.
Raised bed allows plants (and children) to be at the same height as the hut, meaning they’re less of a
tripping hazard.
You can choose your own plants that will visually block off this micro cabin from neighboring homes.
Simple design means it’s easy to construct with minimal building experience required.

One room layout might feel quite small after some time spent in it, but on the flip side you’ll also get
used to using all available space effectively.


Q: How much does this micro cabin cost?
A: Prices vary depending on region. The cheapest cabin in a-Jagt-Terrasse/Norrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
is €9000 ($9,460 / £6,863).

Q: Can you add cabinets and closets for storage space?
A: Although the small footprint means this micro cabin doesn’t have a lot of room for large storage units, it’s
still possible to add custom built cabinets without affecting the open plan feeling too much. A narrow
hallway with recesses along one side could work well.

Q: How big is this mini hut?
A: This micro cabin measures 4 meters wide by 2 meters deep and 3 meters high (13.2 ft wide by 6.56 ft
deep and 9.84 ft high) [Source] .

Q: How many people can fit inside?
A: With one large room, 2 occupants would feel quite comfortable but 3 or more might find it a little small
for their tastes. The micro cabin is perfect for lounging outside on nice days with a friend or enjoying
breakfast on a weekend morning alone.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, based in Sonoma County, California, was founded by Dee
Williams and had been producing tiny houses for over a decade. The company has even appeared on the
famous TV show “Tiny: A Story About Living Small.” With hundreds of happy buyers across the globe,
many would agree that this is one of the best places to buy a tiny house.

Sold as kits or as assembled buildings; Plans available for those who prefer to design the layout themselves;
Help with planning and building process if needed; Can have customizations made to suit specific
needs/wants; Numerous online tutorials helping build your own tiny house from scratch including a whole
YouTube channel dedicated to this; Eco-friendly and recycled materials used in construction;

The price tag does not include the delivery cost (an extra $2,000 or so) or any installation costs/time required
to assemble on-site; Few options for exterior styles/colors. This is not much of a con as Tumbleweed has
kept it simple deliberately, instead of focusing their efforts on designing good quality homes with good
functionality. The only exception is the paint – you can choose from 11 different colours for your tiny
house’s siding. Same goes for interior styling – the company offers just two standard layouts that they have
preconfigured to accommodate various needs, but lots of DIYers are incorporating their own home decor
choices anyway.

The walls are typically insulated with cellulose insulation at R-20, but it can be upgraded to an even higher
R value. The floor is also insulated – with the standard package you will get 2×4 framed walls and a subfloor
with 1/2″ of rigid foam insulation for R-13. There is no need to further insulate the floor; These houses are
especially designed for areas that don’t see heavy snowfall, so they come roofed with SIP (structural
insulated panel) roofing. This type of roofing requires less maintenance than metal roofs; The company takes
pride in catering towards tiny house buyers who often lack construction skills or time to follow through the
entire building process themselves, offering help and support in this regard.
The tiny house movement has been gaining traction over the past few years, and for good reason. For some
people, living in a small space can be freeing because it eliminates so many of life’s distractions. If you are
looking to live sustainably or just want more freedom from your mortgage payments, then maybe it is time
to give this idea some thought! Here are five of the most affordable tiny houses on the market today that will
help keep costs down while providing all of the features you need to enjoy an off-grid lifestyle with ease.

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