5 Tiny Houses built under $10000 : Its just better to be Tiny

Tiny Houses built under $10000

5 Tiny Houses built under $10000 : Its just better to be Tiny

One hidden reality about the tiny house movement is that its simpler, cheaper and more economical.
Although the concept and the pluses of inhabiting a tiny houses might be confusing and weird to some people, and this is why there is a need to be a better understanding about the Tiny House movement. Hopefully with some proven facts and statistics we will be able to show you why is it a such a great idea.

For instance, about 69% of those who live in a tiny houses don’t have mortgage, when compared with 29.3% of homeowners in the US in total. In addition,

60% of tiny house owners are not in any debt, and about 89% of tiny home owners are with lesser credit card debts, when compared with an average American.

Furthermore, to build a standard-sized house, you will need about $272,000, when compared with tiny house that only costs $23,000; which is about 12 times lesser than the standard-sized house.

With tiny house there is always a conscious effort to live smartly and eco-friendly. This is because the space is limited; hence, we intelligently organise our homes to get the very best out of it. Living in tiny homes makes us closer to nature, as we experience cleaner air, seas, and ocean. We are also happier as we feel we are contributing our part in making the world free from the inherent ecological weight, and sustain this by educating our children.
Living in a tiny house could be fun-filled and a worthwhile experience, Can you imagine that you could live in a beautiful tiny house with for a few thousands of bucks and still be okay? In this present age, paying $272,000 for a standard-sized house would be considered normal, but why do that when you could have paying $10,000 for a tiny home that could be designed to your preference with similar experience. So we know Tiny Houses built under $10000 could be possible.Thinking about venturing into having a tiny home? You are not alone, under listed below are people who have few thousand dollars in their pocket, but with big dreams and determined heart they achieved a simpler lifestyle.

1 Earthbag Dome, $300

Owen Geiger is a resourceful man; he is the director of Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building, as well an adviser to Mother Earth News Green Home. Owen is very knowledgeable when it comes to the creation of earthbag homes. In Thailand, around 2007, earthbag homes was very popular, a dome was built using earthbag. The construction of domes using earthbag was cheap, because of the little or no use of the conventional building materials such as plywood, wood, shingles, nails and many others. As statistic shows, those people who live in domes don’t always return to living in ordinary houses, its due to the magical experience they have while living in their dome houses. During the summer, they feel cool, and in winter, they are kept warm. More so, this residential construction could be self-made, with a small effort and even less money. Tiny Houses built under $10000 is an achievement but to do it for $300! Want to try it out? Check it out in progress?

2 Tree House In Brooklyn, $400

Tiny Houses built under $10000
Source NY Times

In 2011 Alexandra Meyn came into fame after building treehouse in Brooklyn, as captured by The New York Time. Alexandra is very creative, as she also bagged a degree in interior design. She was inspired into building treehouse when she could neither get a job, nor an internship. In an interview with The New York Times, she remarked “People’s eyes light up when you tell them you have a treehouse”. It will be surprising to state that she managed to build the treehouse with just $400 right inside a megalopolis.

Tiny Houses built under $10000
Source NY Times

This is because she sourced materials herself from all around or she managed to get them cheap. For instance, in the course of her building treehouse, she often discovered the windows and doors she used in the trash, and she purchased reclaimed supplies from Build it Green. Alexandra presently lives in a treehouse at New Orleans, and she claimed this is her home, as there are auras of New Orleans’ aesthetic to its design. Although treehouse constructed and designed by Alexandra could be rustic, weather-sensitive, and funky, but its far from weak. It could be trusted to withstand any harsh blizzards and Tornados.

3 A-Frame Tiny Guest Cabin, $700

Tiny Houses built under $10000
Source Alla

One of the beautiful sights to behold in Montana is this minimalist perfection, which was constructed in just 3 weeks by Alla Ponomareva and her husband. In line with other tiny homes of similar nature, most of the materials used were recycled from other housing projects. Minimalist perfection is a dream for many urban people as it’s cheap in construction. The most expensive material happens to be the solar panel that would be installed, and the coolest part of this tiny house is the wall/roof that could be opened. Montana generally doesn’t have much mosquitos, so you can open up the roof/wall at night to gaze at moon and stars. The only downside to this tiny house is the absence of kitchen and bathroom, but it would be still perfect for summer nights. Check out How to self-create the A-frame tiny house in Alla’s blog.

4 Urban Nomads Tree House, $,1,000

Tiny Houses built under $10000
Source Spruce

Treetop retreat was built in 2010 with just $1000 in Illinois. Since then, there has been improvement such as the inclusion of private deck, Wi-Fi, electricity, kitchenette, and fireplace. Of recent, hot tub, koi pond, garden with rushing waterfalls, and firepit has been included to treetop retreat. Right now, it can now be rented on Airbnb for $195/day. From its inception in 2010, one can argue that a cool house should not necessarily be expensive. The treetop retreat is indeed a cool investment, and a brilliant little project.

5 The Modest Tree House for $1500

Tiny Houses built under $10000

The Tennesse woods hideout is the place to unwind and take solace from the daily hustling and bustling of the city. The treehouse was built by a talented mother , as documented on ModFrugal blog “I’m not a writer, photographer, or designer…just a gal with a vision who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.” Not all mothers are skilful in designing and to excellently build a modernist treehouse for their children. The treehouse was smartly constructed and rugged; the materials used for its construction, such as windows, floors and walls are thoroughly examined to make sure all the bugs stay out. It promises a memorable experience for sure.

We Hope you have enjoyed this article and got some ideas when you wonder if Tiny Houses built under $10000 are the way you should go or rather opt in for a ready built one.

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