Tiny House with Kids

tiny house with kids

Tiny House with Kids

Living in a tiny house with kids has many benefits. You can enjoy frugal, sustainable, and eco-friendly living while saving money on housing and utilities.
Moving into a tiny house with kids may seem impossible to many, but with good, careful design, families can prosper while living in tiny homes. If you like the idea of living in a tiny house with kids but worry that this dream would affect them, then here are a few tips to follow:

Be Practical

If you want to live a comfortable and decent life in a tiny house with kids, you must choose a design and build that will make your life easier.
For example, you can opt for a bigger sink in your tiny houses because your dishes will pile up quickly. Instead of just a shower, you can also consider adding a small bathtub for small children.
Install more windows to get more natural light. More light will also make your space look larger. A light and airy interior will also open up your space. 

Play Area for Kids

Whether you grew up in a small apartment or a large suburban home, you can remember spending a lot of time outside as a kid. Kids do not enjoy being caged up indoors for an extended period, particularly in small spaces. If you want to live in a tiny house with kids, you can build a big porch. 
This way, your kids can relax outside while still being close. It is even better if you can park your house somewhere scenic, such as a meadow, woods, or park. A small play area outside will allow your kids to have outdoor activities without feeling confined.

Keep Expansions in mind

If you are planning to start a family, make sure your house is expandable. You can close a covered patio and convert it into a children’s bedroom.

Space for Kid’s Storage

In a tiny house, everyone has to share the same amount of space. Most of the kid’s stuff is preserved in the primary living area rather than in their lofts. So you should set up spaces for kid’s storage in your tiny house.

Don’t Splurge

Don’t splurge on swings, costly bottle warmers, bassinets, burp cloths, cribs, rocking chairs, changing stations, changing tables, and so on. Only buy essential things. Babies do not need as much as you believe. You can make your kids happy by showering them with love and affection. 

Private Nooks

It isn’t easy to achieve privacy in a tiny house. Kids and teenagers also need some privacy. Make sure that your design layout has some private nooks where your kids can enjoy their time.


Consider whether or not you want to home school your kids. Many tiny homeowners home school their kids. Tiny homeowners can move around or live off the grid. The disadvantages are that you will have less alone time. Moreover, your children will miss out on the opportunity to learn with their friends in a school setting.

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