Tiny House Weight?

tiny house weight

Tiny House Weight?

Lets see what’s an average tiny house weight. As you know no 2 tiny house are the same. They all built uniquely and contain different materials. However you are able to average out some important key details.

An average size Tiny house on wheels Weigh around 10.000 pounds which is roughly 5 ton. Again we speaking in average terms. Some of the heaviest models can go as high 15.000+ pounds which is around 9 ton. However its depend on the size, materials an trailer. There is a chance of you coming across some light weigh ones as small as 2500-3000 pound 1.5 ton.

Tiny House Weight Explained

When its come to the tiny house weight you have to consider few key elements such as:

  • Dry Weight of the Tiny House
  • Trailer Weight
  • Tongue Weight
  • Personal Belongings

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating ( aka GVWR)

The GVWR is the weight what your tiny house safely holds. Its basically includes everything from the wheel to all the way up to you chimney. The GVWR is also important as you have to consider the density of few elements like water example. If you have a fairly small water thank lets say 40 gallon, then you have to account 320 pound just so you able to carry it. That is because the water weight in around 8 pounds per gallon.

Trailer weight for a Tiny House

You have to note down the actual trailer weight before anything being put on it. This is your foundation and this is where all begins. The steel frame should be all up to scratch and no faults on it. Make sure all the weld points are still in good condition. Rust free and not dented. Trailers can vary in weights so as they sizes. You would be surprised to know that an average 2000 pound trailer often can have a GVWR of up to 10000 pound. That’s being said even a “lightweight” trailer can carry a quiet substantial weight.

Tongue Weight

This is the part of the trailer which is connects it up to your vehicle. This should not be more than 5-10% of the trailer weight. Also you have to make sure that the tongue is in good condition. The hitch mechanism have a lock on it for added security and its rust and corrosion free. This connection point is one of the most important one when its comes to moving your home as you don’t want to end up loosing your tiny house around a corner one day.

Tiny House Weight

We will try to show you some key details regarding 3 different tiny house sizes.

  • Small Tiny House
  • Medium Tiny House
  • Large Tiny House

Small Tiny House Weight

A Typical small tiny house can range anywhere from 8 feet to 15 feet. This tiny structures have an average weight of around 2500 pound to 8000 pounds.


  • Don Vardo Tiny House – The Don Vardo tiny house is 10 feet long and its weight about 3,200 pounds. This is a prime example of a typical Tiny House
  • The Boulder – The Boulder is slightly bigger 16 feet long and weighs in at 5,400 pounds. It includes a kitchen, a bathroom, and a loft. Thank to some corrugated sheets they were able to keep the weight to a minimum without loosing any strength structurally.
  • The Tumbleweed 18 – This tiny home is 18 feet long and weighs 8,000 pounds. Its one of the biggest in its category. Its also feature all the necessary things you would expect like kitchen and bathroom.
Tiny House Weight
Source PAD Tiny

Medium Tiny House Weight

Most of the medium size Tiny Houses are ranging from 18 feet to 25 feet in length. Opposed to the smaller tiny homes these are always comes fully fitted with bathrooms and kitchen as there is a heck of a lot more space in them. The weights are ranging between 8500 pounds and 11000 pounds. Again its mainly depend on materials being used, size of the trailers and the whole construction.


  • The Aspen – This tiny house is 20 feet long in total but there is a catch. In the Aspen there is only 16 feet of living space as they included a 4 ft decking area. The Aspen weights an impressive 8800 pounds which is not bad compare the size of the tiny house.
  • The Tumbleweed 24 – As the name suggest this (not so) Tiny House is 24 feet long. Its a very solid and well known construction. Weighing a total of 10500 pounds in weight. The significant plus in this construction is that this tiny house is rated at 14000 pound GVWR which means you can carry quiet a lot of personal belongings.
  • The Suryan – The Suryan is 20 feet long and weighs a modest 9,800 pounds. It has all the necessary hook-ups, and the best thing of all you able to accommodate up to 6 peoples. On that note that 9800 pound is a very good weight ratio.

Large Tiny House Weight

We categorize tiny homes here which are 25 feet or more. These are significantly bigger than most tiny houses but obviously offer more space and comfort for they owners. The weight of these tiny houses can vary from 10000 pounds to 15000 easily with some even more.


  • The Escape Trailer XL – This tiny house stretch to and impressive 35 feet in length and boast 315 square feet of space. With that being said its has and impressive 13000 pound weight. Its not only offer full size bath and kitchen area, but an upstairs living quarter too.
  • The Tumbleweed 26 – This Tiny house is 26 feet long and weight 11500 pounds. The only downside to it is that its has the same GVWR as the 24 feet long one which means you have added space in this but you cant carry more than you can in the 24 feet one. But if you are minimalistic and not hording unnecessary stuff you will be just fine.
  • The Red Mountain 34 – This tiny house is one of the longest with an impressive 34 feet. its weigh just a touch over 14000 pounds which is really heavy when its come to pulling. Most suited on permanent foundation. The robust construction offer and amazing space inside. If you decide to permanently site this Tiny house then you definitely don’t need to worry of what to put on it or how much you should pack.

If you not really worry about the weight or look, then you can always check out the container homes. These Container Tiny Houses are easily modified and much cheaper to build due to the fact of the shell is provided.

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