Tiny House On Wheels. But Why?

tinny house on wheels

Tiny House On Wheels. But Why?

A Tiny house on wheels could be your next dream home. Tiny houses are taken over the world by a storm. They minimalistic, eco friendly and very affordable. You can ask any tiny house owners what they opinion and for sure they will say the same…its functional, comfortable and portable.

Why are Tiny Houses built on Wheels?

Well the answer is lays in the practicality. Building a tiny house on wheels makes them easier to move and maintain. They ideal for homeowners who loves to travel and don’t want to site they tiny home permanently in a single location. Its also saves a fortune on property taxes which is just a BONUS.

What are the advantages of building the tiny house on wheels?

As we mentioned before one of the main advantage is the mobility. You can literally just disconnect your services, hook up to your truck and way we go. Living this way you able to save money and obviously see more of the world. Apart from that you have different advantages to when its comes of tiny houses on wheels.

  • No Property Taxes
  • Property Purchase price much lower
  • Ability to rent land anywhere you like
  • Optional seasonal living
  • Minimalistic living
  • Travel

If you already a homeowner and looking to buy a tiny home there is the added income what you can expect. Many homeowners putting Tiny homes beneath they original property to seek extra income trough Airbnb and so on. We covered articles before where we shown that with an average tiny home you can ear as much as $195 a night when you rent it out.

If you only planning to ha seasonal living in your Tiny Home then you definitely able to recover some of the cost trough rent. One major advantage point again if you traveling with your tiny home is that you only need to rent the specific spot you parking so you always know upfront what cost to expect.

Tiny house on wheels
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Stationary Tiny House vs Tiny House on Wheels

The stationary tiny houses are mostly common with peoples who are able to spend home on traveling and hotels and just use they Tiny Homes as a base. There is obviously a positive side to it, like you don’t have to worry about service connections, packing and securing everything every time you move etc. Because of this living style many tiny home owners decide to site they tiny house on a permanent foundation.

However, if you prefer traveling with your home and don’t want to fork out extra for accommodation and flights then you in the winner too. Having you own home hitched behind your truck is just awesome. Everything you need to be comfortable is there. You don’t need to worry about the “hotel room not being clean”, You don’t need to spend countless hours on flights, or waiting rooms. Having a tiny house on wheels just give you that added flexibility and more freedom to do whatever you decide to do. Just pick and spot on the map nad lets go.

Do Tiny House owners move around ?

Its depends really on your chosen lifestyle and tiny house. Some tiny houses are easier moved than others. Also there are some tiny houses which are converted from old buses etc so they more suitable for constant travel then an ordinary Tiny House on wheels.

When you building or purchasing your tiny house on wheels there is always recommended to have a sort of idea of what you planning to do. Are planning to travel a lot or just occasionally here and there? These questions should reflect your tiny house choice.

So, is it easy to move them? Well put it like this, they don’t require much more energy than moving a camper. They built onto trailers and hitches behind your car. There are loads of extra gadgets you can get to make manoeuvring easier like self driving and turning wheel motors, parking cameras etc. If you tiny house is kitted out with traveling kept in mind then you must probably have propane bottles rather than gas main connected. The only things you have to check out is your water supply an electric. Saying that most tiny houses have water storage facility an they harvesting electric trough solar panels and stored in batteries.

Are they similar to RV’s?

Well, usually and legally they considered recreational vehicles, such as a camper attached to your truck. On the other hand if its on a permanent foundation then its considered a dwelling. They normally fall into these 2 categories and its important to know as most insurer ask and base your price on it.

Is cheap and easy to Build a Tiny House on Trailer?

Building a Tiny house is not for everyone. Its not the most difficult project but its takes a lot of planning. You not only have to create a strong enough structure around but have to keep in mind many other factors like weight, height, width.

Trailers suitable for tiny houses come in various sizes and shapes. There are also different weight they can carry and have different load requirements. Generally speaking a permanent foundation would work out much cheaper example than a trailer alone. Most suitable fairly new trailers are range between $2500-$5000 by itself. That’s quiet a lot as we literally just peaking of a bottom frame, no walls, no nothing.

Along the build you can greatly reduce your cost if you try to do as much of the work yourself as possible and use as much reclaimed materials as you can. We made a specific section about building a tiny house where you can read more detailed guide on hoe to build one.

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