Tiny House Kitchen Appliances

Tiny House Kitchen Appliances

Tiny House Kitchen Appliances

An average American spends almost 40 minutes in his or her kitchen, preparing and cleaning up. This doesn’t include time spent enjoying a cup of hot coffee, gazing out the window, or cooking a meal.

You will probably spend more time in your tiny kitchen than the average person if you live there!

It can be difficult to decide which kitchen appliances are right for you and which ones will work best in tiny homes. There are many choices, so it is important to be aware of the space available in tiny homes. It is important not to bring in anything that isn’t essential.

Here’s our guide to the top tiny house kitchen appliances for any type of home.

Designing Your Tiny House Kitchen

Each tiny house is unique. A tiny home may not have the same needs as another. This is true for tiny kitchens.

Some tiny homes are mobile while others aren’t. Some tiny homes are owned and managed by passionate chefs while others are owned and managed by takeout lovers!

It is important to think about what you really need and what your priorities are. Also, consider how appliances will fit in your small kitchen.

  • Which meals are you most likely to cook at home?
  • What do you do with the hot water?
  • What do you think about energy-saving and eco-friendly options?
  • Are fridge or cupboard space more important than others?
  • Is a multi-use appliance more efficient?

You can choose the right appliances for your tiny home kitchen by being mindful of your space. It’s probably the reason you chose to live tiny in the first instance!

Sinking Workstation

The best tiny house kitchen designs are multi-functional and versatile. A workstation sink is a must-have appliance for tiny house kitchens.

There are generally two types of workstation sinks. The first type is a rectangular or square basin which is simple to clean and easy to cover. A customer can cover the slots with a piece of wood to hide the sink and increase counter space.

The second option is even more luxurious. The second is even more impressive. Some workstation sinks include chopping boards or colanders that fit into the sink. This makes food preparation so much easier. This sink also comes with a roll-up rack, so you don’t need to have a separate drying area.

Another innovative product I just discovered is a sink/dishwasher combo! You better believe it.

Who would have thought that a kitchen sink could open up so many possibilities?

Multi-use Coffee Machine

Do you prefer tea or coffee? This question can be divided, but it is an important one to ask yourself when selecting appliances for tiny house kitchens.

You want to be able to make perfect cups of coffee, and also have the ability to brew hot water. This means that you will need two appliances. You can have both with the stovetop percolator coffeemaker!

If you don’t have a stovetop in your tiny home, there are other methods to brew coffee.

Hot water dispenser

A hot water source is essential for all homeowners. They are more eco-friendly than kettles and keep water warmer.

Hot water dispensers can hold more water, so you can use them to make hot drinks. Water dispensers are able to steam vegetables, make noodles, and even make pasta. They are small and compact, making them ideal for tiny houses.

You could also pair your hot water dispenser and coffee maker with this Espresso Machine. It makes great espresso, is compact and attractive, and has a hot-water dispenser and milk frother.

Although it’s expensive, this machine is durable and will last for a long time. However, there are smaller machines that are more affordable.

Space-Saving Refrigerator

A fridge is the most important appliance in any tiny house. You probably thought hard when you looked at your tiny home kitchen plans. Did you consider what type of fridge you should buy? Where should it be placed in your layout?

You can find them in many sizes and colors ( like this tiny beauty), from compact drink fridges to massive double-door or french door monsters. You can find the perfect fridge for you, thanks to this!

A fridge should be able to fit in the space available and what you intend to store inside. To maximize space and height, consider a tall fridge thick fridge. An under-counter fridge might be a better option if you have limited space.

Installing a wine rack in your fridge is worth it. then get a wine rack.

Also, it’s important to balance fridge and freezer space. Look at your current setup and recall any instances when you felt you didn’t have enough space. Did it all fit in your freezer? Or was there a section of your fridge that was always a bit tight?

If you aren’t going to use your freezer as often as you would like and prefer fresh food, then choose an appliance that has a smaller freezer section. You can stock up on bulk food items at Costco by getting a large freezer space.

Oven and Cooktop Stove

All agree that cooking is essential for those who live in tiny homes. You will need an oven or stove to cook your food.

The type of food you eat and how the appliance is being used will determine the type of cooking appliances that you need.

These options will suit any tiny kitchen.


A simple propane-powered camping stove is a good choice if you live in a small, rustic home. This stove is great for heating beans and toasting s’mores, and you can also take it on camping trips. It is not ideal for family meals or cozy date nights.

Although you have the option to choose a more robust gas stove, they do not offer the multi-purpose and space-saving benefits of portable camping stoves. This stove is solid and compact, while still providing a sturdy cooking platform.

An electric-powered, propane or propane cooktop, or an induction stove, is a step up from a propane range. These cooktops are stylish and can be covered when not in use.


It’s important to think outside the box when choosing an oven for your tiny kitchen.

A toaster oven can be smaller than regular ovens and is more efficient in terms of energy consumption. These ovens are space-saving and can be used to cook many different foods, including toast! You can also make pizza and roast chicken.

A built-in wall oven can be a great option for those who love to cook and already have an electric or induction stove. These ovens are sleek and easy to fit in any space. You can also choose an oven with a retractable door, which makes it easier to use in smaller spaces.

Full Range Oven

A full-range oven is essential for those who live in tiny houses. Even though you may live in a smaller area, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for cooking.

Some full-range ovens are very compact and can run on either propane or gas. This is great for tiny homes. You can either choose a slim model to fit in tight spaces or one shelf.

Pressure Cooker or Slow Cooker

You can forgo traditional ovens and opt instead for a slow cooker or a pressure cooker .

Both are similar, but they cook food in a different way. Slow cookers are best for soups, stews, and meats because they slow cook food at a lower temperature.

Pressure cookers make it easier to saute or cook a variety foods using steam than in a traditional oven. Many pressure cookers can make cakes!

These appliances are a good alternative to an oven if you don’t use it often. Both take up less space than regular gas ovens and consume less energy.

Ultra-Powerful Blender

You don’t want to buy too many small appliances when you are buying appliances for your tiny kitchen.

The more appliances you have, the better.

A powerful, durable blender is a must-have for any tiny home. It can also double as a food processor. There are many blenders available, and there have been many people who have gotten into the smoothie trend in recent years. They are also very small!

You can also buy blenders that double up as travel cups so that you don’t need to pour your food into another bowl or cup.

Compact Dishwasher

Even though you may live in a small house, that doesn’t mean you can not have a dishwasher.

Depending on how large your family is, a dishwasher could help you save upto 230 hours each year. You could also save energy and water by purchasing a smaller, eco-friendly model. It is possible to only use it once or twice per day.

A dishwasher is not necessary for every tiny house. If your tiny home kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, you might want to consider getting a countertop or wall-mounted dishwasher.

This innovative dishwasher and sink combo is another option.

The Perfect Tiny House Kitchen

It can be difficult to manage the tiny space in your home. You need to take into account your budget and lifestyle. There are so many choices available that it is easy to get lost in the maze of options.

There are essential appliances you will need when you build a tiny kitchen.

A fridge is essential for keeping food cool. A stove or oven is essential for cooking food. You can’t heat water without a kettle, or any other type of appliance. These essentials are vital and will make you happy.

Once you have all the essential appliances, you can start building your dream kitchen.

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