Tiny house incinerator toilet

tiny house incinerator toilet

Tiny house incinerator toilet

Its a bit of a gross topic but the Tiny House incinerator toilet is becoming more and more popular along tiny house owners. There are many debates on the online community about which one is the better and which is the best option. To be honest its all comes down to one simple answer.

Tiny house incinerator toilet vs the traditional flush toilet is more affordable, easier to fit, not to mention the space you saving.

Yes its all boil down to the space you have available. Small appliances like this could save you a great deal of space and money along the way. Obviously we all used to traditional toilets one way or the other, where you just sit down do your business and with a flush the “problem” disappear.

In reality when its comes to a tiny house you have loads of obstacles what you have to manoeuvre around regarding the toilet business.

Living On the Road

1.If you tiny house is not permanently sited then you most likely will have to have a collection system (septic tank) which will require a regular emptying and disinfecting.

2.The water usage is also an issue when you not sited as you rely on your stored water, rather than using a main connection.

Believe me nothing is more of putting then rolling your septic tank to the collection points, or getting someone pumping it out for extra $$$. Depending on how many people live in the tiny house, and obviously how much time you spend in them it could lead to more hassle and joy.

tiny house incinerator toilet
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Tiny house incinerator toilet to the rescue!

  1. The biggest benefit of having an incinerator toilet in your tiny house is space saving. Its not only saving on additional pipe works and water connection but its also takes of a great weight by not having a septic tank.
  2. The stored water usage drastically reduced as not a single drop is used for flushing.
  3. Saving money by no need to hire professionals to pump it out.
  4. Not gonna clog up
  5. No hassle of emptying it yourself and trying to hold your breath back for 10min.

The Verdict

If you have limited space and money available i would choose incinerator toilets. They do cost between $1000-$1500 but that’s far cheaper then buying and installing a regular system and having to deal with some of the above mentioned problems. Its also worth mention that these toilets only cost roughly 28cent per cycle to operate. You mainly find 2 types on the market. Some use electric to reduce the waste and some use (propene gas). On that note your usage could be even less if you harnessing your own electric via solar panels. The amount of ash you have to deal with is equal to a teaspoon and its totally odour and bacteria free.

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