Tiny House Furniture and Appliances

Tiny House Furniture and Appliances

Tiny House Furniture and Appliances

When its comes to tiny house furniture and appliances, you must have the right ones that wont take up all your space. Obviously you on the route to either live a tiny house or you already do and looking for ideas. Finding the right furniture and appliances can be a bit more challenging then furnishing you normal apartment. Its all about size and energy efficiency, not to mention the important multipurpose function.

We try to make a short guide on the “must have” furniture and appliances when its comes to tiny houses.

The Best Tiny House Furniture and Appliances

We all love space and comfort and when its comes to the kitchen we inevitable need space for all the tools and kitchen gadgets. Having the right kitchen utensils and appliances can make your life easier when its comes to preparing a fresh meal for the day. On that note we must point out that you should only buy the food you need, to prevent any food wastage due to lack of space in fridge etc.

When you live off grid in your tiny home cooking in the kitchen can be a challenge. You need to make sure that you utilize the storage space and only use energy efficient kitchen appliances.


Tiny House Furniture and Appliances
  1. This is a tricky one as you have to keep in mind a few key details. If your tiny house is plugged into the main electric grid, then yo should always aim to buy a small Class A+ fridge. These small fridges are ideal as they very energy efficient and available in many different sizes starting from 50L to over 100L. As mentioned earlier the obvious upside of having a small fridge is that its reducing your food wastage and you not able to store more than you essentially need.
  2. If you tiny house is off-grid then we recommend you using a refrigerator that based on a 3 way system which mean you got a choice to power you fridge either by AC power or DC power, or propane gas. This option will ensure that you can keep your food fresh in the event of low power.

Mini Oven for a Tiny house

Tiny House Furniture and Appliances

When its comes to oven you have to think practically. How much you will be using your oven, how big you want, and what type would be the most suitable. We all know space is luxury in a tiny house therefore the oven shouldn’t be a big one. Luckily there is plenty of different types of mini ovens available on the internet. These mini ovens not just small in size but they also able to compete with some of the larger modules when its comes to baking and cooking. One of the most common types we see in tiny houses are the Ninja range. These small ovens have plenty of functions to make you feel like a top chef. They able to roast, bake, grill, “air” fry and toast. And before we forget they also able to dehydrate your food which is become more and more popular over the recent years. This little oven compact enough to be able to put away to a cupboard after use and the multifunctional option are just priceless. You can find them on any big retailer for around $199-$230.

Cooker top

Tiny House Furniture and Appliances
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I personally don’t recommend to buy a designated cooker top. Its not only taking space up on your worktop but they tend to be quiet expensive too. You can always opt in for a microwave which have a built in hob on the top. These microwaves become more and more popular recently as they not only free up space in you tiny home but the same appliance have a multipurpose use. U might pay a bit more for the microwave but you definitely save the cost of paying for separate cooker top with all the wiring and installing. These microwaves retail around $300-$450, but you can find less known brands for as little as $250.

Folding tables

Tiny House Furniture and Appliances
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We cant go around without mentioning some of the clever table designs. There are many dining or coffee tables available on the market which feature storage spaces or foldable options. These tables not manufactured for tiny houses but they are the perfect options. Obviously if you decide to go without one and eat on the couch then go for it. For us the wall mounted folding table is the winner. Its not only frees up space when we don’t use it, but its also comes handy when the kids around. Tables range from $50-$150.


Sofabeds are another genius additions as they not only act as a sofa to sit on and relax, but you also able to open them up and use them as a bed for either guest or the kids. There are many variations available and the price is not so bad either as you can easily pick one for around $150.

If you know your way around your tools and keen to DIY there are plenty of plans available on how to make one yourself and build it in permanently. That way its more part of the whole build and you can always have more pleasure out of it.

Dryer/ Washer

Tiny House Furniture and Appliances
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When its comes to dryer or washer there are tons of brands and types to pick from. The only option which will free up space is the washer dryer combo. These cleverly designed machines not only able to wash your clothes, but as soon as they cycle is over with a press of a button they dry it too. No need to worry about washing lines and washing basket full of laundry anymore. You can pick up these combo dryer for around $350 onwards. The size is pretty much standard but the only factor different is how much time they take to dry and how efficient they are. Its worth going into a store and have a chat with a sale staff just to get an idea on which one would suit you the best.

There are tons of more Tiny House Furniture and Appliances are out there like, tv projectors, stacking shelves, storage boxes, led strip lights. Check you budget and write the list of the must need appliances before you start shopping to keep you on the track and avoid buying unnecessary things.

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