Traveler’s Paradise Tiny House for a Family of 8

tiny house for a family of 8

When its comes to finding a Tiny House for a Family of 8 there is no easy choice. While some prefer a sleek, minimalist model, with a real traveling spirit, others really prefer to see these movable homes as a mini-version of their dream house or apartment with really the maximum of amenities and comfort. This is particularly the case with this tiny house called Traveler’s Paradise or the traveller’s paradise in French, which was sold for $ 111,300 .

A tiny house that can accommodate lofts, an equipped kitchen and all the amenities

This tiny house for a family of 8 was designed by Mint Tiny House Company , which has been manufacturing motorhome and tiny house models since 2014. This atypical house was designed from their Canada Goose model , a tiny house which is around 13 meters long.

In his particular case, the Traveler’s Paradise owner opted for the larger model with a few more customizations. This tiny house is also 2.6 meters wide and 4 meters high, including trailer and wheels.

The client requested, for example, that the walls be painted a glossy white with a touch of black on the wood and light fixtures. This tiny house also has three bedrooms, including a downstairs bedroom and two lofts that can accommodate up to eight people.

The interior height is 2.20 meters . However, we find the loft space, bathroom, a living room and a bedroom are about 2 meters in hight.

Tiny House for a Family of 8
Tiny House for a Family of 8
Tiny House for a Family of 8

The house was built in just 2 Months

In the loft, the height is reduced to 1 meter 10 but in terms of size, the first loft is 20 square meters and the second loft is 17 square meters. The lower areas also include a toilet, shower and sink. As for the downstairs bedroom, it measures 2.40 meters long and 2.20 meters wide and, according to the client, it could not only serve as an office but even a child’s bedroom.

The Traveler’s Paradise also has a kitchen equipped with several hotplates, sink, fridge and freezer as well as countertops and storage spaces. The builders also included a heating and air conditioning system to regulate the inside temperature of the tiny house. In the end, the construction of this house took the company eight weeks.

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