The Smallest Tiny House

smallest tiny house

The Smallest Tiny House

When its come to the Smallest Tiny House, we know the size will be shocking, but let dig deeper to see what we can find.

Size matters right, specially in the tiny movement where we try to utilise ever square cm given to us. We gathered some of the smallest tiny houses there is to showcase what could be done if you strip everything away.

1.The Smallest Tiny House in the World

smallest tiny house

Few year ago we come across this little creation in Berlin which was dubbed the smallest house in the world. Although the purpose is there as house (shelter) there is not much more room given to other necessary things. This tiny house is Located in Berlin and its only measure an amazing 11sq foot. Saying that most of the household bathrooms are twice the size of that space so no wonder nothing else fit in it just a bed. The idea is created by Architect Van Bo Le-Mentzal. This project was intended to point out other emergency housing options as well as possible solution to homelessness.

2. Boston Built 25sq foot Tiny House

smallest tiny house in boston

Created by  Jeff Smith from Boston. Jeff is an artist who was always been fascinated by the tiny house movement. He created this 7.2 feet by 3.5 feet home whit a purpose of finding out the limit of a Tiny House.

Although the home on measure 25sq foot its have a solid waste system and even managed to fit in a sprinkle shower system. The reason the size was kept to the minimum is to be able to transport it with most vans/ pickups which is a great way of thinking. Maybe handy on a camping trip but not to sure if i could live there.

3.Tiny House Nano by Baluchon

smallest tiny house
Source Baluchon

This is more likely down the alleys of a proper tiny house. This 11ft long tiny house not only beautifully designed and constructed but its also capable to sleep up to 3 people.

This Tiny house not only looks amazing but its also have everything what you need.

  • Shower 70x70cm
  • Toilet
  • Functional Kitchen
  • Mini Fridge
  • Sink
  • Bed
  • Desk/table
smallest tiny house
Source Baluchon

I don’t really want to go on and on about it but just look at it. Imagine taking this to a weekend away or for a fishing trip next to the lake. The cleverly designed tiny home able to sleep up to 3 people, 2 up the lost in a twin sized space and 1 on the pull out sofa downstairs.

smallest tiny house

Thanks to its low weight (PTAC 1600kg) you don’t need any special license to tow this tiny house. This Tiny House can be purchased for a very affordable price of only € 39,500. All the attention to details and a high quality finish support a very skilled craftmanship. This tiny house sits on a small 3.3m by 2.3m trailer which makes it easier to park and site then most small tiny houses. If you planning to go tiny and would like to visit Baluchon then please follow the link here.

This 3 Tiny House just a plain example what you can achieve by minimalizing and scaling everything down. Living tiny is not always about been cramped and not having enough comfort and space. Its all about being minimalistic and only have as much as you need. Its a balance between expectation and real life. We have come across number of home in the past and everyone decide to go tiny have a personal reason why. Some decide to choose this lifestyle for financial reasons, some just fed up with the busy city life. Whatever you decide make the most of your new little home.

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