Small appliances for tiny homes

Small appliances for tiny homes

Small appliances for tiny homes

When it comes to dealing with soaring property prices, investing in a house or taking a minimalist approach, more and more of us are turning to tiny houses.
There are interior design techniques and tricks that you need to follow to make your space functional, such as small appliances for tiny homes. That way you won’t feel cramped. But how do you save space?

Basic space-saving techniques

If you want to manage the space in a tiny house, you need to keep the floor as free as possible. This will avoid the impression of permanent clutter. To achieve this, you should optimise your interior design by using each available surface to improve the flow of traffic in your house. Door frames, attic corners and stairs. Get the most out of all these unused spaces!
Install storage units. For example, use a headboard not only as a decoration but also as shelves to store books. Choose furniture that is well dimensioned and proportionate to the room.

Setting up a small living room

In a tiny house, think about your layout with a view to efficient organisation and circulation. There’s no need, for example, to bother with a coffee table if you already have a bar area for meals.
Opt for small, easily movable, multifunctional occasional furniture such as a wooden chest, a stool or a piece of sofa. Your lounge furniture should be able to adapt to the surface of your room and allow you to store it intelligently. So choose a sofa bed or sofa with storage box to use it according to your needs.

Designing a small bathroom

Given the smaller space than a traditional house, it will be important to think carefully when managing the tiny house. You will have to choose intelligently the functions of the bathroom of your tiny house and maximize the space.
The aim in designing a small bathroom is to make it as functional as possible. Install space-saving furniture with integrated storage units and opt for a shower to optimise the space.

Equipping a small kitchen

Being the place where you can optimise everything to save space, you can use not only furniture dedicated to storage, but also appliances adapted to the surface area of the kitchenette.
Try to install high storage cupboards, so that you can store not only your utensils and appliances, but also other items such as DIY tools if necessary. You can use modular furniture like a trolley on wheels to organise your kitchen according to your needs. There are also a number of household appliances specially made for tiny houses. From mini teapots to mini dishwashers, you can count on them to make the most of your kitchen area.
Finally, you have to understand that small appliances for tiny homes, in the kitchen as in other spaces, adopt the reflex of de-cluttering to free up the space as much as possible on the worktop, thus making the space more airy and functional immediately.

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