Sequoia By Minimaliste

Sequoia Tiny House

Sequoia By Minimaliste

This modern and sleek tiny home was one of the first one to be built by a well known and popular tiny house builder Minimaliste. The tiny house is modern and stylish and trough with a well tough out interior which create an amazingly spacious little home.

The Sequoia is a spaceous 20′ x 8.5′ tiny house and its available for $60.000 CAD.

The tiny house can be customized and ordered with a range of different options.

Some of the features we would like to outline is:

  • Its a affordable with the $60.000 CAD cost
  • High 11ft ceiling creating a large open living space
  • LED lighting for low power consumption
  • Solar power system with two 250W panels and 2x 430Amp batteries with a 3000W Inverter
  • Hybrid Power system 110V or 12V
  • Hybrid Plumbing to be able to connect to water main or to utilize the internal 12V pump and 250L water tank.
  • 55000BTU water heater
  • Remote controlled ventilator system with a built in termostat.
  • Living Room entertaintment system with a 60″ HD projector
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Full size bathroom
  • Loft bedroom with 2 awning windows
  • Cleverly designed storage system

If you ever planning to go Tiny this is a brilliant first little home.

Images © Minimaliste

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