Propane heaters for tiny houses

propane heater for tiny houses

Propane heaters for tiny houses

When its comes to Propane heaters for tiny houses there is no easy choice. If you planning to live in your tiny house permanently then its important to think about heating. Propane heaters for tiny homes comes in various sizes and capacity. The main goal is to find the appliance which is not to over powering and doesn’t take up much space.

When you looking for propane heaters for your tiny house you need to make sure that its installed by a qualified gas engineer. We all know its costly but you shouldn’t take any risk in a small confined space when its comes to gas. There are few different popular options when its come to heaters.

Stand alone propane heater

Stand alone propane heaters are convenient as they doesn’t require permanent fixture and you can move it where you want it. Again they come in various sizes which makes its easier to find the suitable one for your tiny house. Most stand alone propane heaters doesn’t require special gas engineer to fit as they mostly operate from gas cartridges. The only cons about them is that the cartridges cost quiet a bit hence they costly to run if you want to use it as a permanent heater. Although if you only using your tiny space for a short time and not as full time accommodation then this is the best option for you based on the cost and space saving.

Stand alone propane heater

Fireplace propane heater

These heater are more common as they give out a lot of heat and they plumbed into a gas cylinder. Permanently positioned and they give out and impression of a real fireplace. Ideal solution for heating as the cylinders are affordable but you have to bear in mind that most insurance required a maintenance log for it. One of the main benefits of having a permanent propane heater is that you can join your gas connection into you cooker. That way you don’t need separate bottles/ cylinders for the kitchen and the heating. These easy to maintain and a real character piece of your tiny house.

Fireplace Propane heater

In our opinion this two is the most common and most ideal tiny house propane heater. There are load more variety online and we not forcing you to make a decision based just on this two. Decide your budget, check the space and then you will be able to find a suitable on.

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