Loftless tiny house

Loftless tiny house

Loftless tiny house

Opting for a loftless tiny house is the way forward many would say. As environmental awareness has grown, the development of alternative housing that is more respectful of the planet has also increased. Among them are loftless tiny houses. These transportable tiny houses are made of ecological materials and use a minimum of energy in their construction.
Without foundations, they do not contribute to the artificialisation of the soil. Their living space is optimised for economical but comfortable use. They are generally well-equipped, allowing maximum benefit to be derived from a preserved natural environment.
It is easy to understand why many people want to be smaller. Especially since with the same budget, it is easier to optimise the construction to make it more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable.
If you want to relax and recharge your batteries in a cosy interior, in a fully equipped space, in which you will feel at home? If you want to discover a new lifestyle, with no frills, without deprivation and with all the comforts, while impacting the planet as little as possible? Opt for loftless tiny houses, self-contained and insulated, where the smell and warmth of wood will welcome you!

Living space and comfort

A loftless tiny house respects all the basic principles of architecture. A tiny house is an ideal space for peace and relaxation. It contains a fully equipped kitchen with not only a worktop and a hob, but also cupboards and shelves, not to forget a rest area with storage space, a wardrobe and a sitting area with comfortable seating.
A loftless tiny house is a unique space that can be fitted with a sunroof, allowing you to live an unforgettable experience under the stars on mild summer nights. It’s somehow a nomadic and ecological dwelling that will provide serenity and joy.
It can be designed to be both contemporary and efficient, with windows that offer a beautiful view of the outside. It can be placed in the middle of a forest. Warm, charming and mysterious, it looks as if it comes straight out of a fantastic film. It can be custom-built to be as close to nature as possible.
With straight lines, a loftless tiny house evokes chic and elegance. We can buy a kit and assemble it ourselves. Construction only takes a few weekends, while a less planned construction can take months.
Ideal for a family, a loftless tiny house can accommodate up to four people thanks to an incredible optimisation of space. It can accommodate a bed and storage space, a bathroom, a mini kitchen and a large living area. A loftless tiny house has all the characteristics of a large house.
The whole seems clean and spacious. It is an interesting alternative for people who wish to live simply, close to nature and at a lower cost, as it is more comfortable. From the moment you have accepted the fact that you want to disconnect from any network and live in a more confined space, the loftless tiny house proves to be an interesting alternative.

Loftless tiny house
Source: Curbed

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