Living big in a tiny house

Living big in a tiny house

Living big in a tiny house

A tiny house, no one can deny it, is much easier to fit out comfortably, maintain, manage, rent or buy and also to vacate or sell than a large one. What the house should essentially provide is physical and mental rest, the opportunity to recharge one’s batteries and regain one’s energy and vitality in order to be able to fully enjoy the pleasures of life, both during and outside of work. The equation is simple: If having a roof of one’s own is a priority, its surface area is secondary, because paradoxically, the smaller a house is the more joy it can bring.
A tiny house is designed by you and you choose its location. You make your plans and decide where you want to live. Whether you enjoy roadsides or isolated corners in the countryside, it’s up to you! Your house on wheels moves according to your wishes. You will have the pleasure of living in a customized house in the place where you will feel happier.
If you’re tired of the city noise and want to forget about a stressful lifestyle and be closer to nature, there’s a good solution for that: opt for a tiny house. Many people who appreciate change see this kind of housing as a good project to enjoy a sense of freedom. Indeed, the tiny house, although relatively small as its name suggests, offers an opportunity to live big, thanks to the multiple advantages it presents. Here is a snapshot of living big in a tiny house!

Living free in a tiny house

The tiny house is a whole new lifestyle, full of surprises, designed for those who love change and for those who have a taste for adventure. All you need to do is know how to intelligently arrange the space to live big. In fact, you have to be able to optimize the space to the maximum to ensure living big in a tiny house.
The construction of your tiny house does not require a building permit, which saves you the administrative hassle of preparing a file and the time it takes to obtain a building permit. Another facility is the choice of materials. As it is a wooden house, it is mainly a question of assembly. Do not forget that for the energy source, solar panels are sufficient.
Add to that the fact that a tiny house is more environmentally friendly. It uses less material and energy and takes up less space on earth. It costs less. Having a small mortgage and therefore being able to put money aside for a vacation, its owners are less stressed. We all know that stress and disorder have a harmful impact on our lives.
More philosophical than strictly architectural or design, Living happily in a small space leads to reflection, questioning our perceptions of housing, the sense of contemporary values, materialistic civilization and the idea of luxury. The rich can spend huge amounts of money to give their houses a sumptuous appearance, but this luxury is often artificial.
Real luxury is neither palpable nor material. Authentic luxury is living free. Free of what people say. Free of social conventions. Free to be oneself. Free to adhere to and put into practice one’s own values. And then, no matter how modest a house may be, it is always possible to infuse it with elegance and taste, two qualities that have very little to do with money.

Living big in a tiny house
Living big in a tiny house

Be comfortably in a tiny house

In our lives where big always seems to mean better, it is good to be reminded of the benefits of a modest life. In its approximately 25 square metres or 270 square feet, the size of a storage unit or garage, there’s no place to hide. There can’t be any mess, and if there is a problem with the space or with your sweetheart, it must be solved quickly. That’s living big in a tiny house.
A warm space: The design of a tiny house is minimalist and the emphasis is on the intimate aspect. It has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Isn’t a tiny living room space wonderfully cosy?
Higher quality food: In an uncluttered living space, you’re more likely to prepare your own meals with fresh food.
Better sleep: The room has just enough space for the bed, maybe with a table and a bedside lamp, and a good book? It’s small and that’s exactly what is recommended: a room without sources of stimulation, such as television, light and cell phone.
Meals for two: Conversation is important for intimacy. An adorable table for two helps create a romantic atmosphere where you can enjoy a meal, with a glass of wine, while talking about something other than money and children.
More idleness: In a tiny house, you have time to sit down and do nothing. It’s a good way to de-stress, even for some minutes.
Spending time outside: The good thing about a tiny house is that when you feel cooped up, you go outside. Going to a park allows you to breathe fresh air and even get some physical activity.

If the space is small, it has many advantages for its inhabitants since they are environmentally friendly and cost much less than conventional houses. The comfort and the beauty of tiny houses are not for all that skimpy. Building or having your own tiny house built is a way of owning your own property without being tied to a bank loan.
But it is above all a way to live in harmony with nature, as close as possible to greenery and animals, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. In a tiny house, one goes about one’s primary occupations: eating, sleeping and washing. And, the rest of the time, one can spend it outside: a game of balloon between the trees, a morning of picking, reading a fascinating book on the grass, growing your own vegetable garden. Isn’t that what we call living big in a tiny house?

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