Lightweight building materials for tiny house

Lightweight building materials for tiny house

Lightweight building materials for tiny house

When its comes to construction the lightweight building materials for tiny house must be chosen carefully. Due to the nature of the building its wise to use as many lightweight building materials as possible without overloading the trailer.


The trailer should be durable and well made. It will serve as the foundation for the house hence everything is depend on in. I highly recommend at least a twin axle trailer which gives you more freedom during the build as its able to hold a greater weight.

Twin axle trailer
Triple axle trailer

Again the size of the trailer is depend on the size of your build. If you planning to build something a bit more complex and bigger then you should look into the triple axle trailers which will definitely do the job.

Timber Frame

The frame is the backbone of your tiny house. When its comes to the build nothing is easier than timber frame as its give you grate flexibility and you can alter everything the way you want it. Timber prices vary wherever you go but i would highly recommend to you some salvaged materials first which will keep you budget down for sure.

Image source DIY House Building


When its comes to cover up you can use a wide range of materials such as treaded timber sheets, plastic, vinyl. They all great as all classed as lightweight building material used for tiny house. There is no written rule what you should you, as there is no 2 same tiny house. You want to make yours unique and special.

Windows/ Doors

When its comes to windows and doors for your tiny house, then its important to check cost. Many self builder opt in for re used 2 hand materials. You never know if the neighbours got a window or door lying in the garage which could greatly reduce your cost and keep things simple. The one important point is try to keep it simple and avoid special sizes. Its will make the fitting and replacing procedure much easier and quicker


Depending on your build style the roof is important. Many construction end up with a flat roof rather than the tradition pitched one. The good point in that is you can use asphalt sheets. These are not just lightweight but extremely durable to. Depending on your chosen location you have to make sure the roof structure is well thought trough. ITs not just to keep you nice and dry but to keep your home warm. If you opt in for the traditional pitched roof then you can use different lightweight roof tiles. They are bit more costly due to the fact they weigh less then the normal clay/slate tiles.

All in all these are the crucial points during your build which you have to focus on in order to keep the weight down. When its come to interior design there is plenty of lightweight materials again. If you successfully keeping your build weight to the minimum then rest assure you will have no problem towing/ moving your tiny house round without the expenses of hiring a truck

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