Is living in a tiny house cheaper?

is living in a tiny house cheaper

Is living in a tiny house cheaper?

We all heard about tiny houses but is living in a tiny house cheaper than living in a traditional one? Living in a tiny house is the hottest trend out there now. They all over the news, they run programs about them and if you lucky you probably have one around your neighbourhood.

What are the cost when its comes to Tiny Houses.

First off all just because they “Tiny” they don’t necessary mean they cheap too. Most of the prefab/ prebuilt tiny houses ranging from $5.000 to $300.000. Its a very tricky markets as most of the cost is depend on the built and size. Lets say if you savvy enough and quiet handy with woodwork then you can easily build one from few thousand dollars.

If you looking for a modest Tiny House on wheels which is nothing extravagant and luxury but serve the purpose of housing then you can bag yourself a nice one for roughly around $30.000.

is living in a tiny house cheaper
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But, Is living in a tiny house cheaper?

Its definitely cheaper to maintain a tiny house compare to the traditional one. The building itself easily modified, and required less maintenance. Some of the key point compare to traditional housing.

Tiny HouseTraditional House
Property taxIts cheaper but check your stateDepend on the size
LightingSmaller space less electric/most of them have
solar panels so they pretty much off grid
Cost is growing with the size
HeatingAgain Small space small billCost is growing with the size
WaterBuy a water purification system and harvest
rain water
if you are on main water then the bill
keep on comming
MobilityIf Your Tiny House is on wheels then
you can hit the open road
You stuck where you are
Building Cost$5.000-$300.000Anything from $250.000 to the millions
FurnishingJust the minimum requiredFull of furniture which not being used daily
CheaperTiny House

As you can see this is just a simple comparison but its highlight the cost between the 2 form of housing. If you looking to downsize to save money or to live a smaller minimalistic life then you definitely better of with a Tiny House.

Less Financial Pressure

We talked trough why living in a Tiny House cheaper, but we haven’t talked about the initial cost. We all know housing is cost a lot regardless of where you are. If you haven’t been lucky enough to save up a lot or to inherit some money then off we go to the good old bank and commit 30 hard years in exchange for a mortgage just so we can buy our dream home.

That’s where the biggest saving lies.

An average Tiny House which would suit us will set us back around $30.000. Looking at that sum is not hard to achieve it as saving between 2 people. Also if you cant manage the whole amount then its take less of a pressure from any financial borrowing.

An average Traditional House will set you back for roughly $250.000. Even if you in a position where you sitting on lets say $150.000 in savings you still need the bank help.

You don’t need a big house, you can have a Tiny House and still live big

Said the Tiny House Owner

The only true unavoidable cost what you have to face when you own a Tiny House is the land rent. Regardless how smart you try to be its one cost we cant avoid. But, this cost is literally just tiny compared to any mortgage, rent, or anything in that category. Ask you friends, family if you can move your tiny house there first. Obviously make sure you on the right side of the local housing law.

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