Is it cheaper to buy or to build a tiny house?

Is it cheaper to buy or to build a tiny house

Is it cheaper to buy or to build a tiny house?

Do you plan to build a house but are looking for an alternative to typical ones? You don’t have a building land and don’t want to apply for a building permit, but you want to build a house? Your research will lead you to discover the tiny house, this unique type of transportable house. Before you embark on this adventure, your first decision is to choose between the option of building your house either by yourself or by specialists.
Today, many enthusiasts have documented their projects extensively and some have even gone so far as to become builders. Building your tiny house or buying it is therefore a very real choice. To take advantage of the model of your choice, there are two alternatives today: construction or manufacture via a specialist. Are you tempted by the tiny house concept and are you determined to take the plunge? Would you like to know whether it is cheaper to buy or to build a tiny house?

Building a tiny house

It is important to know that if you choose to build your tiny house yourself, it requires skills in many areas and that you will probably have to call upon a cabinetmaker or another craftsman at some point. Even if you want to do everything with your own hands in order to avoid mistakes, you must take this into account before you start, even if it is only for your budget.
Construction has the advantage of being particularly affordable, but requires a human investment and time, as well as good construction knowledge. You can’t become a builder without the right knowledge and advice.
Before you even start building, you need to know whether you are able to finance it. Many people decide to build their own tiny house, largely because of a question of budget. Many factors will influence the cost of building your future house, such as whether or not you use environmentally friendly materials, whether you use quality materials, but the price of your tiny house depends essentially on your level of DIY skills.

Buying a tiny house

The purchase of a tiny house, new or second-hand, allows you to find proven models that can be more or less adapted to your specific requests. Manufacturers are not yet numerous but are slowly beginning to position themselves in this growing market.
If you are not a DIY enthusiast, there are several choices: you can opt for other solutions such as prefabricated tiny houses, but you can now also have your tiny house professionally built. Although the concept is recent, some professionals already offer turnkey models. While some builders offer predefined models, others offer custom designs.
When it comes to budget, it is important to know that building your tiny house will logically cost you more than building it yourself. The price range for a small turnkey house is very wide and strongly depends on the size, the level of finishing and the choice of materials.

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