How To Keep Your Tiny Home Warm During Winter

How To Keep Your Tiny Home Warm

How To Keep Your Tiny Home Warm During Winter

We all ask the question just before winter, “how to keep your tiny home warm during winter” As we know winter months can be challenging when you live in a tiny house. The long and cold days could be turned into enjoyable time with few simple trick. After all what can be more relaxing than coming home to a warm and cozy home and put your feet up front of the fire.

The best way to keep your tiny home warm during winter is to make sure the hot air remains inside by eliminating draft and chances of loosing heat.


Using a fireplace as a heating source is one of the best and quickest ways to warm up your tiny home. The most important thing is to keep it clean and in top condition all year around. Many professionals pointed it out that peoples often forget about they fireplaces during summer which can result of the chimneys getting clogged up or parts go loose. There are several different types of fireplaces available for tiny homes. Before investing in one you should consider which types are suit your needs the best.


Curtains are always overlooked when we talking about retaining heat in a tiny house. The plain fact is owning a tick curtain will give your room an additional layer of insulation and protection against the cold. When you open them during the day the sunlight will be able to warm up your room with natural heat and make the gloomy winter days a bit brighter. The most important part is to don’t forget to close them at sunset. The cold generally seep in trough the glass. The thicker your curtains are the more protection its can offer against the cold.


We can stress this enough when peoples build they tiny homes. Insulate, insulate, insulate. Its a know fact that almost 25% of the heat goes out trough the roof of your tiny home. Having a good wall and roof insulation can drastically reduce the heat loss in your tiny home which make your heating more efficient and it will require less energy to maintain the temperature.

Keep Things Shut

We all love opening windows and door for either fresh air or just to open the space up a bit. Keeping your door and windows shut during the cold season can also reduce the heat loss and prevent cold air coming into your tiny house. Small opening and cracked wall or broken window sills are often the cause of cold rooms. Don’t overlook the smallest problems as they tend to go unnoticed.

Install a Thermostat

Installing a thermostat will help you control the temperature of your tiny home. Its also reduce your heating bill as you will only use the heating on when the desired temperature is reached. Having electric heaters on timers not only reduce the power usage but its reduce the overheating of the item which often cause fire.

Also check out some of the propane heater which suitable for tiny houses.

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