How to build a tiny house

how to build a tiny house

How to build a tiny house

A tiny house is a small wooden house built on a trailer. It is an alternative dwelling with many advantages. It is both mobile and economical. Today it is possible to buy a ready-made tiny house. If you are not afraid of building work, you can buy the wooden frame only or why not build it yourself. Here are the steps on how to build a tiny house?

Legal framework

Tiny houses do not have a specific legal framework, so it is necessary to refer to another similar type of dwelling, such as a caravan. However, it must be admitted that it is not always easy to understand the legislation. Before starting a project of this kind, you have to check with your local authorities to find out whether you can set up a tiny house.


Building your own tiny house can be difficult, especially without experience in construction. However, more and more individuals are starting to do so, especially in countries where tiny houses are well established. Many plans are available free of charge on the Internet.

Construction time

It all depends on the model you build. In general, it takes one month for a professional, and at least three months for an average DIYer. The work usually takes longer than expected. But, even if it will take time, there are reasons that prove without a doubt that building a tiny house is an alternative.


Tiny houses are attracting more and more people. Because their surface area is limited, the cost of construction is also low. A tiny house is an economical house. The most expensive to buy is the trailer. The trailer is the most important part of a tiny house, as it carries the entire structure and weight of the house. It is therefore very important to buy a quality trailer. A tiny house trailer represents almost a quarter of the cost.

Space management

Because of the limited space, you have to make clever use of every available centimetre in a tiny house. And just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be equipped with technology. You can even live there off-grid, if you plan to install solar panels, collect rainwater and install a dry toilet. So it’s a perfect solution if you want to minimise your ecological footprint.

Choice of materials

Although some tiny houses are starting to be built in steel, wood is still largely the main material. Therefore, care must be taken with the wood chosen for the construction. Each type of wood is different. For the framework, you need a wood that combines strength and lightness like pine. For the cladding, you need a wood that can withstand all weather conditions, while still being light, but which is also to your taste because it will give the exterior look of the tiny house. Red cedar is particularly appreciated for its high quality finish. For the interior partitions, you can use simple plywood on which you can lay a beautiful panelling for a cosy and warm look.

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