How much electricity does a tiny house use?

How much electricity does a tiny house use

How much electricity does a tiny house use?

Electricity is one of the main cost, but how much electricity does a tiny house use? Well, the obvious answer would be, hardly anything.

Fewer light bulbs, lower electricity bills

Lets take a closer look on some of the key facts. A recent survey shows that an average 20″nTiny House only using 6 lightbulbs which amounts to an average 915 kWh. This is 6% of the yearly usage of a traditional house.

The Electricity usage in a Tiny House amount up from the Following:

  1. The type of bulbs you use: Currently there are two main energy-efficient light bulbs are availabe on the market
  • LED (Light emitting diode) Which use a whopping 75% less energy than a traditional light bulb.
  • CFL (Compact Fluorescent light) which will save you around 25-35% on your energy bill

2.The amount of light bulbs and electric appliances you have.

  • An average American house has 45 light bulbs installed all trough the property. Some of these are higher Watt rated like outside fog lights, and some smaller rated like patio lights.
  • On that note an average Tiny House has 6 light bulb al trough the property. This is not only significantly lower amount but required less work and wiring to install and to maintain as well.

3. Your electricity rates.

This is a tricky category as we not always seeing Tiny Houses on main Electric. If you hooked up to the main grid then you have to make sure your tariff is the cheapest possible as you usage will be very small. Due to the lot less usage many Tiny House Owners are powering they Tiny Houses with solar panels.

Go Solar, Go Off Grid

As mentioned your electric usage will be really small so based on that it would make sense to eliminate the monthly cost by installing some solar panels.

This day and age solar panels are become more and more popular and available to the public. Many major retailer selling plug and play kits, which mean you only need a minimal handyman knowledge to be able to install it. The main beauty in Solar panels are the fact that you not tied to a fixed distribution point or wired hard to the exchange. Having solar panels give you another added extra and flexibility to be able to move your house wherever you like.

When its comes to buying a solar system you obviously need some advice on what size you should get. Generally speaking a 20″ tiny house would be able to have 3.6 kWh system without any issue. This 3.6kWh system contains 12 solar panels which 300W. They will harvest the electric from the sun all day and store it on battery’s for later. This system should take care all your lighting and a few extra appliances without and issue, and the best part if its only set us back around $5.000. Yes, its a bit of an upfront cost but on the long term you will gain that back in no time.

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