How much does a tiny house cost?

tiny house cost

How much does a tiny house cost?

A tiny house is a mobile house, self-built or built on demand. It is a comfortable dwelling with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom to live all year round or during the vacations. This concept comes straight from the United States and offers its occupants a small living space for a simplified life.
You want to see the country aboard a small, unusual and ecological house? Then the tiny house is for you! Don’t panic on the budget side, tiny houses were created in response to the economic crisis and the soaring prices on the real estate market. Practical and mobile, these houses have everything you need with a mini price, starting at 20.000 £! Want to know how much does a tiny house cost? What are the additional costs to be taken into account for a tiny house project? Here is the budget you need to plan to offer you a tiny house.

Average cost of a tiny house

The cost of a tiny house can vary enormously depending on its size, the materials chosen, and your involvement in its construction. It is possible to become the owner of a tiny house on wheels for less than 30 000 £, although there are models exceeding 60 000 £. If you would like a more spacious model and do not want to participate in the construction, you should allow about 45 000 £ for a turnkey tiny house. Of course it is easy to exceed these average costs if you opt for noble materials such as stone and marble or if you add a foundation. You must also consider the price of the land.
If you decide to embark on the adventure, the first step is to have plans made for your tiny house. To do so, you can purchase plans or have plans tailored to your specific needs drawn by a professional, who can create your tiny house plan according to your needs and budget. The specialist will make sure to optimize spaces, integrate efficient functionalities and minimize the environmental footprint of your tiny house. Then comes a general contractor who will take care of the construction, make your dream come true, and tell you precisely how much does a tiny house cost.
The main advantage of the tiny house is of course its low price. Indeed, a tiny-house proves to be much less expensive than a traditional dwelling. However, the prices differ enormously according to the construction method you choose:

tiny house cost
tiny house cost
  • 20,000 £ on average for a self-construction,
  • Between 30 000 and 50 000 £ for an empty shell or structure only,
  • More than 60 000 £ for a tiny house fully equipped.
    Factors that affect the price of a tiny house
    A tiny house will cost much less than a classic house or a wooden house. With a surface area of between 150 ft² and 200 ft², it does not require a building permit and will offer all the comfort you need in the same way as a new house but much more simplified. Compared to the price of a new house, a tiny house will clearly cost you less. However, it is difficult to establish how much does a tiny house cost?
    The price of a tiny house can vary enormously. This price difference is justified according to different factors:
  • The capacity: 1 to 4 people
  • With or without terrace
  • With or without interior design
  • Turnkey or self-made
  • The materials used

Additional costs not to be forgotten

Like a typical house, the tiny house is subject to additional costs that you must take into account in order to anticipate the annual cost of your tiny house.
Pitch fees: When you travel on the roads with your tiny house, don’t forget to take into account the camping fees to park your house on a suitable pitch. The rest of the year, if your tiny house is not your main residence, you will have to rent a private site or at least own a private property.
The purchase of a trailer: To move your tiny house, you will undeniably have to invest in a quality trailer, count between 3.000 £ and 6.000 £ more in your budget.
The supports: They will be necessary to maintain the tiny house on your trailer. Add between 100 £ and 150 £ per stand.
Tax: If your tiny house is your main residence, you will have to pay an annual tax of about 150 £. Think that you will still save on property tax and housing tax.
Pay less for a tiny house
As for a construction, there are solutions to pay less for your tiny house:
Buying second hand: even if the movement is still quite new, today, it is possible to buy a second hand tiny house on the internet.
Build your tiny house yourself: if you have the necessary knowledge and a little time, why not start this project?
Buy a shell: Leave the rough work to the professionals by opting for an empty tiny house and simply take care of the interior design. You will save money for sure, between 15% and 30% of the price.

The real estate market is on the rise and it is becoming more and more difficult to buy a first property. People see this as a great opportunity to become a homeowner. It can also be an asset for a city to welcome new buyers and to have more citizens who are owners than tenants.
Everybody is talking about tiny houses and wants to know how much does a tiny house cost. They are trendy, there’s no doubt about it. They have many advantages and provide the feeling of freedom that many city dwellers aspire to. In addition to their attractive prices, most builders offer a total customization of your tiny house. You then have a totally unique house, perfectly adapted to your needs.

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