How Long Does it Take To Build a Tiny House ?

How Long Does it Take To Build a Tiny House

How Long Does it Take To Build a Tiny House ?

Build a Tiny House

1,000 hours. This is the average time it takes to make a tiny house on wheels. Jay breaks it down for us in this post.

It seems that we all have more time these days. This is not something we choose or are grateful for, but if this time of national emergency and world war are important to you, this could be the time you need to build your tiny home or complete the projects you have started.

Let’s say that you have all the necessary skills to build a house and all the parts and tools needed. This is just one assumption. Assuming you can wave your magic wand to make the perfect THoW appear, it is a good assumption. ThinHaus could also be able to do this if you send them an email.

We take the time to show you how to make it happen. If you are serious about doing this, one word of caution: Make sure you have safety gear (first-aid kit, etc. Use the harness. If you fall off the roof, a fall harness stored in your tool shed is useless. Make sure someone knows where and what you’re doing. Keep in touch with your loved ones. You want to be able to call for help immediately if something happens.

Let’s now build a tiny house.

You will first need a trailer. ThinHaus A2410 Trailer

This step requires a steel welding rig, skycrane, and cutting torch. You will need approximately 3,000 lbs steel and four great tires (TheDrive recommends some of the best trailer tires for next time you plan to hit the road). There are also two amazing axles (you can either buy them or get government certification to make them yourself). This will take at most 400 hours.

Once you have your trailer, it is time to find a location where you can build it. At least 2,500 square feet is required, with at least 500 square feet of covered space at least 16′ high. You will need a 14-foot door to lift the item out of an interior space. It won’t take a large truck to transport this thing in the beginning (it only weighs about a ton and half), but it will be necessary to move it around after adding five and a quarter tons of steel, floors, and appliances. You don’t want to have the house you’re renting for less than a year.

You will now add insulation, floor, and wheel well covers. ThinHaus Wheel Well Insulation ThinHaus Wheel Well Wood Trim

The problem is that each floorboard weighs nearly 50 lbs and you will need ten. They are 4’x8″ and require drilling holes to match trailer attachment pins. This is not an easy task, but it’s possible. After you are done, you can add standard bottom plate foam to the edges and flashing. This process shouldn’t take longer than 75 hours.

Now, onto the frame. You will need a pile of two-ton steel studs and a pile of three-ton wood. You don’t need a large truck, but you can plan for a lot more trips and help from your supplier if they have one. If you do not have one, a forklift would be great. However, a skycrane can be a useful tool. ThinHaus A2410 Frame View

A couple of points to remember: Make sure you re-level your floors at least twice per day to ensure straight walls. Because you will be making a lot of cuts, it is advisable to keep plenty of chop saw blades. This is where you will use 10,000 screws. Get a big box! To pick up the screws that have fallen, use a magnet on wheels. This will prevent you from running over them or flattening your tires.

If your house is not covered, you can get several large tarps to cover it before the storms start. It is quite a thrill to try and cover your small house, even with help, when it is blowing. Although it is easy to get the steel wet, the wood floor can be damaged by rain. Even if you have taken the time to apply deck sealant once or twice, it is still a challenge. If you aren’t making too many mistakes, this part can take up to 400 hours (or more) of full-time work. Just to be sure … don’t go over 13’6”

You’ll feel like you are on your way now. You’ll reach the halfway point when you add the roof. Lots Going on Under a ThinHaus Roof

There are two options. Either add plumbing, electrical and HVAC now or wait until the sides and sheathing are up. It’s a smart decision to do this now. You can reach things more easily and adjust things faster if there aren’t any wires or pipes blocking your path. Both ways of working work, but it’s up to you. You can estimate 75 hours for each of these tasks and an additional 50% if you watch YouTube videos to train. ThinHaus Pipes & Wires

It is time to get serious about weight. You could easily reach 9,000 pounds with the trailer, roof and frame. You will need 5,000 pounds more to transport the trailer, frame and roof if you have two 7K axles. You will have no money left over for interior walls if you add sheathing boards to a house. If you plan to use drywall inside, make sure you have at least three axles. ThinHaus Ready for Tyvek, Windows, Doors & Siding

Exterior sheathing, vapor barrier and windows can be a huge job. You will need to plan for another 300 hours. Getting some help can really help your back. The good news is that your tiny house will be dry in the end and you can continue to work indoors. This will make it much easier to finish the last push in Arizona, whether you are doing it in winter or summer.

Now you’re done! You are not quite done, but it is close. You will need to add your cabinets, flooring, appliances, fixtures, and floors. Hang a few photos and connect your water, sewer and power. Voila! You are done. You have just completed the most amazing 1,000+ hours of work and can now relax on the couch in your own home. You can start working today and finish the job by Christmas, if you are lucky. Or you can call us to have one the next week. DIY people are a big fan of ours, but really? Only a handful of people can do this alone (a few of them work at ThinHaus), and they never will. It’s not an easy feat, so we congratulate those who have made it possible.

You will need to have permits, insurance, financing, and city codes when you build your house. Before you can start, you will need all the necessary financial resources. Scheduling can slow you down, and let’s face it, most of this stuff is heavy so you will need to have at least one large body for lifting and placing small parts.

Because it is unlikely to sell, it must be a “passion-project”. It will be a “passion project” because the next owner will likely have all of the same problems that you experienced in putting it together, plus a few more. Your impressive construction skills and assurances that your are an expert at building videos may not impress the next owner.

Although tiny houses were initially built by DIYers and kit builders years ago, the industry has evolved rapidly to include professionals who can do the job better, faster and cheaper than you. Although it still takes 1000 hours to complete, you can have your own personal project or work with skilled people who do this job for a living. ThinHaus • It’s Where You Want To Be®

ThinHaus building information and data can be emailed to We’ll send you the specifications and methods we use to construct our world-class homes. A copy of our latest tiny book, “The Big Book of Tiny Houses”, is also available free of charge. All you have to do is email your address and we’ll send one in an envelope.

Woof! It makes me tired to think about all the hours spent on tiny homes over the years.

We love DIYers and are happy to support them in any way we can. Jay is right – building your tiny home is no joke. It’s possible with the right guidance, passion, and dedication.

Before you decide to go DIY, it is wise to consult with builders. You can learn new tips and tricks to help you build your own home, if nothing else.

Live your dreams!

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