Gothic Tiny House

gothic tiny house

Gothic Tiny House

Ply Gem Stone, Simonton Windows and Ply Gem Roofing products are standard-compliant and can be applied on a smaller scale without sacrificing functionality.

The popularity of the tiny house movement in the United States is due to many factors. The Rempis family’s build was featured recently on FYI Network’s Tiny House was all about having less to live. This meant that the Rempis family could downsize financially and physically, which allowed them more time for their hobbies and travel. After living in a 2,150-square foot house for several years, Steve and Cally Rempis felt ready to make a change. They were inspired by a documentary about tiny homes.

Steve and Cally both love scary movies and wanted to build a house that resembled one from a horror movie. Their daughter Miura, however, prefers a classic style and loves pastels and pearls. Both the builder and homeowners had to create a small, comfortable, livable home that would suit their unique tastes.

Although tiny homes are primarily about maximising interior space, exterior design is equally important. This project’s architecture reflects this fact. Triple B Construction, a family-owned construction company in Gallatin, Tennessee took on the challenge. They needed materials that could be used on a smaller scale and allow for standard installation techniques. Ply Gemstone, Simonton Windows and Ply Gem Roofing products all fit the bill.

For a rustic, old-world-inspired architectural design, the Rempis family demanded a stone exterior. They were delighted with the look, affordability, and functionality of Ply Gem Stone Shadow Ledgestone. It has the look and feel of natural stone but weighs half as much. This eliminates the need for any extra engineering or support feet that could have added cost, time, and inconvenience to the project.

Perfect cathedral-style windows were a key element in achieving a Gothic exterior look. Due to the small dimensions of the house, it was difficult to let in as much light as possible without sacrificing design. The solution? Simonton Windows ProFinish Series. Full-sized vinyl single-hung windows were used by the team. The top is shaped to resemble a cathedral window. The windows harmonise with the exterior and provide sufficient daylighting.

Ply Gem Engineered Slate roofing completed the look of the tiny Gothic home of the Rempis family. A Gothic-style roof with a steeply pitched slate roof is a key feature of Gothic architecture. It was essential to find the right product within your budget to achieve the desired design. Engineered slate, which is lighter than natural slate and requires additional support, was an ideal choice because it has a greater durability, lower cost, and lighter weight. Flexible shingles can be installed as easily as asphalt roofing, and they will withstand almost any weather condition.

The final product was a Gothic home which provides practical and maintenance-free living. When the right products are chosen, tiny home builders will be able to use’ regular home building techniques’ to reduce the dimensions.

Images via Tiny House Nation and Triple B Construction 

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