Do you need a license to build tiny homes?

Do you need a license to build tiny homes

Do you need a license to build tiny homes?

Do you need a license to build a tiny home or not? We all asked this question before. (well us who wanted to build one) We need to point out that building a tiny home is not an easy project. Its required knowledge and skills. Its one of those project which is time consuming and need plenty of planning.

What you need to know?

When you planning to build a tiny home you have to familiarize yourself with few common laws. These laws are vary between states but the most common ones are:

Tiny houses on Wheels:

 Maximum size is 13.5-feet tall, 8.5-feet wide, and 40-feet long – 65-feet maximum including the tow vehicle

Maximum weight allowed by tow vehicle

Given those measure you can see that there is some sort of restriction, and in some cases you need a permit to be able to build a certain size. Also there is special permits available if you would like to tow you tiny home on the Highway.

Tiny houses on a Foundation:

When its comes to building a tiny house on a solid foundation there is a bit of more freedom. As the tiny house will be sited more or less permanently it will have to comply with less restrictions and laws. The only thing you have to check is your state housing development laws. These laws again vary between states and you able to do more in one place then on another 500miles away.

To put it in simple words you can build as big as you want as long as its in the building rights in your state.

Building regulations

When you decide to build your tiny home and its for commercial use like Airbnb there is another law twist.

By law if you provide a facility to the public then you have to have electric certificate, gas certificate, and insurance.

If you simply using you tiny home for you own pleasure then you only need a building insurance. The reason why so many tiny home builder follow the regulations because over the years there is a huge surge towards tiny home Airbnb’s. You can find them in most iconic places and around big cities.

Trailer Strength

Going back to Tiny homes on Wheels there is an additional factor what you have bear in mind. The choosen trailer strenght. Most common trailers are designed to be light weight and aerodimanic. Its not always the case when its comes to tiny homes. The tiny homes trailers are carrying much more weight then an ordinary trailer designed for therefore the trailers need to be purpose built. Luckily there is plenty of tiny home trailer manufacturers in the US and you will have no problem finding one. These builders create the trailers strong enough to be able to hold the weight and to be road legal. You have different types like:

  • Single Axle
  • Double Axle
  • Triple Axle
  • Gooseneck trailer

Final Thoughts

Have a plan in mind or in hand. Visualize what type of tiny homes you really want to build and enquire with your local building control office to find out what sort of laws you have to comply with. A simple Do you need a license to build tiny homes in the right department will tell you your state laws and requirements. Good Luck and please let us know once you done with the build.

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