Modern DIY Container Home

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Modern DIY Container Home

Pavel Dolezal built this modern shipping container home. It is amazing for how fast and cheap he made it. The interior has a modern and clean aesthetic. We love the Scandinavian design of the cabinetry and woodwork.

The expansive glass doors are simply unbeatable. It opens the small house from the inside to let in lots of natural light and offers a breathtaking view.

Shipping Container with Full Kitchen, Glass Doors, and Sleeping Accommodations

The interior features include a smooth plywood work and modern matte black cabinets that create a striking and refined contrast. A perfect finishing touch is the tiny fire place in the home. The fire place adds warmth and comfort to the home and makes it inviting to spend a weekend there with a book or a bottle of wine.

It’s also modern and spacious for a small bathroom. The inset wood floor and stucco walls are both a great addition to the bathroom. This bathroom is small enough to be considered spa-worthy!

We think that the layout and design work well in this space. It is now being used as a COVID Bunker.

What do you think of this home? What are you most proud of?

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