Can you build a tiny house for $5000?

Can you build a tiny house for $5000

Can you build a tiny house for $5000?

Yes, you can build a tiny house for $5000. Most traditional type tiny homes can be built on a small budget and only required DIY skills rather than professionals. We try to dig a bit deeper to see what would it take to create a tiny house with a small $5000 budget. As most DIY construction there are certain cost what you can lower and certain one we cant control.

Trailer/ Foundation

When its comes to building a tiny house you normally have two option. If you planning to travel with your tiny home then you more likely have to proceed on the tiny house on wheels option where you need a trailer. The second and cheaper option is when you permanently site you tiny house on a concrete/wood foundation. Tiny house trailers vary from size to size. Its based on the average weight they can carry. Lets say if you choose a modest 20″ tiny house then you more likely need a twin axle trailer. These trailers range from $1500-$3000. If you able to find one for the lower end or even cheaper then you will definitely stay in your $5000 Budget.

Although we trying to get a good deal on the trailer we have to point out that this is a crucial element of the built. Its has to be in top condition and rust free to make sure our home will be secure and will stay on it longer than just a few year.


Can you build a tiny house for $5000

Now that we decided to build the tiny house on a trailer we have to move on and start to hunt down some materials. When we talk about the over build the best and cheapest materials you can source is timber. Its doesn’t required much skills to work with and you can alter it all the way. No fancy welding or bolting just plain and simple joints. The most important part is the frame section. Once you built the frame and ready to move on to find some insulation and siding materials. Insulation is another important part of the built as you want to keep your tiny house warm during cold weather. Insulation rolls or boards are relatively cheap and with some salvaged wooden materials we wouldn’t expect to spend more than $1000-$1500.


Can you build a tiny house for $5000

When its comes to furnishing and sourcing out kitchen equipment’s etc then there is no better place to look than craigslist. You would be surprised what peoples are trying to sell and how many bargains you can have. If you just have a quick look trough you can pick up a king size bed from as little as $50, or a small dated kitchen unit going for free as long as you can collect it. Cookers, and showers are ranging from $100 onwards so we would allocate a total of $500-$1000 for these expenses.

Extras off grid addons

There are optional extras which would make your life easier so as cheaper. Such things like solar panels. These are not only gonna be providing you with free electricity but you also able to utilise that power for example for water heating. Solar panel systems can vary from $500-$5000 depending on the capacity. Another great way to reduce your outgoings is saving on heating. Many tiny homes are using propane heaters but these can be proven expensive to run. With a bit of a hunt bargain yourself a small log burner and wont have to worry about running our of gas. A typical second hand log burner can set you back around $150. You can also utilize rainwater collection which will free you up and don’t have to worry about keeping your water storage to the max. This havent really got much associated cost apart from few pipes and joins so we price it at $30.

If you follow trough the article with the prices based on the lower end and able to do most of the work yourself then you can clearly see that there is possible to build a tiny house for $5000. There are obviously extra cost along the way like paint, wiring, plumbing, but nothing which would set you back $Big bucks. If you looking for more inspiration check out how you can build a tiny house under $1000.

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