Best Off-Grid Water Heater For Tiny Houses

Best Off-Grid Water Heater For Tiny Houses

Best Off-Grid Water Heater For Tiny Houses

What is an off-grid water heater?

Heating water takes a lot of energy. Either heat water with electricity or a gas. This is not a problem if your home is connected to the grid. You can heat as much water as you want with the help of the utility companies, which provide ample electric and gas. This is a problem if you want to go off-grid. Being off-grid means that you can store or generate all the energy you need.

Let’s start with electric off-grid water heating options. You can supply your own electricity. This means that you are disconnected from the national grid. Instead, you rely on the energy generated by your solar panels and battery storage. This system is very costly. This system has a downside. It requires large amounts of sunlight and a huge solar system to work as your only source of power for heating water. This is a solar system that costs $20k or more.

Let’s take a look at gas.

Liquid Propane is the most common type of gas used off-grid. Liquid Propane (LP) is an efficient and effective way to heat water. You can easily stop 5 gallons of it on your small home or boat. It’s also easy to refill and will last a long time.

There are many factors that will determine the type of heating solution you choose. These include your location, heating needs, fuel availability, and the size of your home. There are many heaters on the market with different pros and cons. There are many factors that go into deciding which water heater to purchase for your Tiny House.

  • Cost vs. Reliability
  • Power availability (Propane or Natural Gas Unit).
  • Tank vs. Tankless
  • Size vs. Capacity
  • Temperatures are rising
  • GPM (Gallons Per Minute).
  • Venting

Propane vs Natural Gas

  • While propane is more expensive than natural gasoline, it produces twice as much heat .
  • Propane is the most clean-burning fossil fuel, producing about half of the gasoline’s carbon dioxide emissions. It doesn’t cause any harm to water or soil. Methane is the main component of natural gas, which is 84 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.
  • Natural gas is an essential utility, but it is not available everywhere. Underground pipes transport it to your home. Propane is stored inside tanks that require periodic refills or replacements.

One of the Tankless Water Heaters from Precision Temp is:

  • RV550 EC Tankless Water Heater

It has 55,000 BTUs which makes it the most powerful hot water heater in the market. With built-in freeze protection, RV-550 EC provides continuous hot water on demand when the outlet is switched on. VariFlame’s control system is reliable and keeps the water temperature stable regardless of flow rate or incoming temperature. It uses up to half the propane and natural gas.

It’s specifically designed for RVs, Tiny Houses and Tiny Houses. Vents are located through the sidewall. It occupies half the space of a 10-gallon tank and weighs one-third less.

  • RV550 NSP-EC Tankless Water Heater

RV550 NSP ECH A tankless propane-fired heater or natural gas water heater can be used with full gas modulation. It vents through the floor without sidewall penetration and provides cold-weather protection. It occupies half the area and weighs one-third of a ten gallon tank. The VariFlame technology control system has proven it reliable.

  • ShowerMate M550 EC Propane Tankless Heater

This boat is specifically designed for the marine environment. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to leave their home when out on the high seas. It doesn’t require any engine or shore power, and can be mounted anywhere that has a standard power vent.

  • TwinTemp-2 Propane Water Heater

TwinTemp-2 has a higher heating efficiency, quiet operation, and lower flue gas temperatures. It works with propane and natural gas. It boasts the industry’s highest hot water output, with a 55,000 BTU propane boiler. TwinTemp-2 provides continuous hot water and hydronic space heating with two 1500-watt electric elements. This compact, lighter design is ideal for small homes.

  • TwinTemp Junior Propane Water Heater

One heating zone is provided with up to six blowers. They operate quietly and emit no diesel odor. It is best suited for small, compressed off-grid homes.

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Realistically, most homes are not built to be off-grid. Therefore, it is often beneficial to take small, affordable steps towards achieving your off-grid goals. Those who are able to go off-grid will see significant savings in their utility bills and energy consumption. This is also the most environmentally friendly energy.

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