What is a tiny house

Who said that a beautiful house has to be big and spacious? Tiny Houses reinvent the concept of living space and distort it, showing that quality is more important than quantity. An important reversal, if you think about the fact that only twenty years ago, the economic boom of the eighties and nineties led to thinking exactly the opposite, in favour of unbridled consumerism. Now this is no longer the case.
And in fact, one only has to look closer to see the community of people who have opted for tiny houses. They have no mortgages or debts, and have made savings. In a tiny house, nothing is missing. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a fireplace, and all this in only a few square metres.
So the questions are these: What is a tiny house? Why to build a big house when we can have the same comfort, with reduced costs and less environmental impact, in a tiny house? Is it possible to live in a tiny house?
The answer of thousands of families is simple: yes, of course. There are those who choose it for ethical reasons, the fight against consumerism; those who want to avoid steep mortgages; those who don’t want a life with a nightmare of debt.

How did the idea of tiny houses started

Life is increasingly accelerated and full of excesses and more and more people are looking for a simple life. Some of these people identify with the way of life of The Tiny House Movement, uniting their search for a sustainable and minimalist life that allows freedom.
Although still not widespread, The Tiny House Movement is growing. This social movement, which defends life with less, has created a debate on the real need for a big house, which we have all learned from society and media, as being the convenient way.
Many families join The Tiny House Movement, but most of them are single, childless couples and pensioners who identify most with this way of life. They are people who are looking for a lower cost of living and a better quality of life, without compromising their comfort.
When you live in a reduced environment, you become more aware of the things you have, the stuff you don’t need in the cupboards, and therefore in your life.

About the Blog

I always been fascinated by Tiny Houses and happily read about them or watch videos. In early 2020 I decided to create this blog and try to show you as much information about the Tiny House movement as possible. The main idea is to serve as a Hub in the Tiny House Community and be able to find all your answers here. Although writing and collection all the information is a time consuming task we are trying to publish as much as possible. If you have a fascination story about your build or experience or just want to showcase your home, feel free to get in touch with us.


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