10 Reason Why living big in a Tiny House is Awesome

living big in a Tiny House

10 Reason Why living big in a Tiny House is Awesome

We are here to give you 15 reason why living big in a Tiny House is super beneficial and awesome. Tiny houses are all over the places now and its seems like the way of the future.

Its all over social media, all over the Tv. IF you ever seen Tiny House Hunters then you know what we’re on about. Peoples from all over the place are deciding to ditch they traditional and normal houses and moving in to a Tiny House instead to live they future life. Some are fed up with the Big City Life, some are students looking to save on the cost of living, and some are just cashing in on they retirement and living they dream. Basically which ever way we looking at it they are the future of housing.

A few year back a book take the world by a storm and become the New York Times Best Seller. The book called “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up”, which shows the ins and outs of the Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing your living space.

The whole point is that you pick up and object and ask yourself if the question: IS it bring joy for you? If the answer is yes then you keep it and if it doesn’t then you just get rid of it. Its powerful and brutal concept in the same time but believe me its works. We humans like to get attached to things in life and without knowing we start to “hoard” useless stuff around. We all agree that space is luxury and if we are unfortunate and haven’t got all the space we need then its time to take drastic measures.

Now there the Tiny Homes come into the story. Don’t get confused and mislead by the word “Tiny”. These Homes are offering just as much living value as a traditional ones but they more simpler and minimalistic. Living big in a Tiny House can be just as much fun (If not More) than living in a traditional one.

1. Its a much cheaper way to Live

living big in a Tiny House
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We all like to save money right. Well saving on the cost of living its a no brainer when you live in a tiny house. As its a lot less space there is a lot less cost involved. This day everyone trying to book a Tiny House on Airbnb so there is a market to rent out your Tiny House. You can use this money to travel, or just save up. One thing for sure if you live in a tiny house then you don’t have to worry of living pay check to pay check. If you already struggling in your traditional built to keep up the maintenance cost, or rent, or any other necessary cost then you definitely should look into living in a tiny house.

2. You Become a Home Owner

living big in a Tiny House

We all want to get to the point in our life where we become Home owners. But we an all agree that this day and age its quiet a hard work. In the U.S. you can pick up a Tiny house anywhere between $25000 and $100000. I know its still a lot but if you look at the other hand its still cheaper than a 3 bed house which is anywhere from $200000 to $400000. ( Obviously depending on the location)

If you manage to find lets say a decent 2nd hand one for around $50000 then you are a winner. First of all its not far from an average salary in the States so its give you a better chance of being able to afford it. Once you buy it you only need to worry about a small rent fee depending on where you put it. This is brilliant as its give you more freedom of choosing a suitable location.

3. Get rid of your Debt

You can be a student or you can be an average Joe. Life is Expensive as we know. Most people have some sort of debt in they life. If you don’t want to decide to live in your Tiny House forever then try to think on a short term. If you opt in for one you still gonna be in a brilliant position as over a course of few yours you could be able to sort out your finances. Again smaller place equal to smaller cost

4. Its encourage you to travel more and see the World.

living big in a Tiny House
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Think about it. You are able to save more. What you gonna do with all that extra dollar? Go out, explore the World around you. There are so many different beautiful places on Earth. Imagine that, you manage to save some money to being you Journey and while you travel you can still make money trough Airbnb. These Tiny Houses can rack in anywhere from $100-to $195 night, Not Bad!

5. Its sparks you creativity

Living in a small space force you into creative thinking. As humans we tend to look for comfort and luxury in life. You will face a dilemma where you still want comfort and luxury and have to find a way around it to make it work. There are loads of inspirations around the internet which is available to anyone. Some of us been there and done it already and happy to share the pros and cons. At the end you use your tiny house as a canvas and create the living space you desire. Did you know that some of the Tiny Houses have just as much space inside as they traditional parts? Its just more compact and hidden.

6. Less Decor – Less hussle

Obviously the living space is much smaller than usually available in a traditional house. That’s being said there is less Decor need to make it feel like a Home. Less furniture, or even better have multiple purpose for the same furniture. Did you know that an average household spend over $15000 just on decoration and furniture. That is insane giving the fact that you can buy a Tiny House for $40000.

7. You can Live Big in a Tiny House Anywhere

As most Tiny Houses built on trailers its easily moved. This gives you great flexibility to decide where you want to live. Imagine if you are working from home, you can literally just hook up your home one day and move your home 100, 200, 1000 mile away. Cant really do that with a traditional house.

8. Feel Safer

living big in a Tiny House

Have you ever been home alone and felt terrified all the sudden when the sun gone down? We all been there some point of our life. This is usually happens in large houses. Obviously we would be feel more secure and safe where we can see all the things surround us. “You don’t need to worry when you hear a noise coming from the kitchen as you can literally see it from the bed”.

9. Its Unique and a Stunning Architecture

Building a tiny house can be challenging. and required creativity and imagination. Regardless of the Tiny size these tiny spaces could be incredible once they done out. They have unique storage solutions, and immaculate attention to details. If you are builder you can even create the illusion of more space then what you actually got. Adding loads of windows and letting in a much natural light as possible and brighten up and space and will feel much less cramped. The possibilities are endless when its come to creating your space.

10. More Environmentally Friendly

Because of the Compact size of the tiny houses there are loads less energy required then on a traditional house. Obviously you got less appliances in your Tiny House too so your energy usage should drop drastically. The living space is smaller too so heating wise its docent required much again to keep you warm. All these factors contribute to make your Tiny House more environmentally friendly and more conscious of your impact on the environment. We all want to live a “green” life and help out the future generation as much as we can. Also the biggest save comes from power. To power your tiny house the best way to get going is Solar Panels. Most of the Today Solar panels will be able to cope with the energy required to power your Tiny House. Some of the solar panels also able to heat up your water for showers as they suck energy from the Sun.

We hope you enjoyed this little article . Please don’t forget to check out the rest of our work.

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