10 Foot Wide Tiny Houses

10 foot wide tiny house

10 Foot Wide Tiny Houses

A tiny house that is 10 feet wide – it offers more than just 20% extra living space. Jay’s advice can help you do your research. It will be obvious that an extra 1.5′ can make a big difference. However, a professional is always a good idea.


ThinHaus creates tiny houses up to ten feet wide. This is because we believe the extra foot and half is… enormous! This allows the wheel wells and stairs to the master loft to disappear from the living room. They are kept out of the main living space. The den is large enough for a large screen TV or to play video games, but not overwhelming. It makes a huge difference to be ten feet wider. 10’ Wide ThinHaus Layout Next to 8.5’ Wide Standard Design ThinHaus to Standard Top View ~ 18% Extra Space in Red

It costs around five percent to add almost 20% more space. You might be asking, “Why doesn’t everyone get more space for a fraction of the cost?” Why is 10′ not the industry standard?

It’s not that it’s easy to travel on America’s highways in a 10′ trailer. Most tiny house builders don’t even know how to do this. They don’t know how to transport a 10 feet wide tiny house from one place to another, or how to bring a trailer 10 feet to their site. They tried it once, but it was so expensive and difficult that they decided to not do it again.

Others will tell you it’s simple! You just need a permit you can obtain online and that’s it. You do need a permit. But once you apply, you realize that there are dozens of other items that can cost you upwards to $50,000 and take six months to obtain. It is extremely expensive to travel legally in a tiny house of 10 feet. If you are stopped, it is even more expensive.

Transporting one tiny house, 10 feet in width, is expensive. However, if you can transport more, it might be possible to spread the cost across more houses. This is what Tiny House Transport companies and manufacturers like ThinHaus do. The cost of this trip is still high. The cost of a single trip from Phoenix’s build center to San Diego’s fairgrounds is more than $2,000! A 10 foot wide tiny house is special because of this. It’s an affordable and manageable expense, provided you don’t move it too often.

If you’re still determined to do this yourself, we can give you an idea of what it takes to move a tiny house (10′) or a ThinHaus yourself. Ford F250 Heavy Duty Ram 3500 Dually

A truck is essential. An F250 is the minimum requirement. The dual rear wheels on a Ram3500 will be a better choice. This is not something you should do with a gasoline engine. The transmission will fail on the first climb. A diesel engine and an Allison transmission are required. This will cost you $9,100 more.

This was the hard part. The next step is to actually drive it. Let’s say they are familiar with the process and have the necessary safety gear ($500). A 10′ trailer is considered an oversize load. Permits are required to drive a 10′ trailer. This is called UCR registration. You can’t drive this= on city streets. In theory, you will need separate permits for each jurisdiction ($150 per trip). Permits are required in some counties, which just makes it more fun. Although we haven’t discussed towing a trailer 13.5 feet tall around, it is possible. A 10′ wide tiny house can be moved for around $50,000 per annum. You’ll be crazy, broke, or insane if you do it just once. It’s okay to spread this over 20 units, or more.

This is all you need to do in order to tow an 8.5-foot tiny house. It’s easy. Now you can see why nobody wants a tiny house 10 feet wide. Those who do want one know that it is not for running around in the country. It can be moved once or twice in its life.

A ThinHaus can be moved. We are merely advising that you either hire a professional towing service or let us move your ThinHaus for you (the first 500 km are included with your ThinHaus). Although it’s easy to do, you will need to budget for it. You can figure $5/mi, and you will be close. This will ensure that it is done legally, insured correctly, and done by someone who has done it before. There will be plenty to do once the shipment arrives so you can let the professionals handle the moving.

For more data and building details concerning the ThinHaus Model A2410~Onyx, email to: engineering@thinhaus.com and we’ll share the specifications and techniques that we use to build our industry leading ThinHaus.


It was definitely not the easy towing experience that you had hoped for. Living in a tiny 10’x10′ home is a great way to make life easier. It is up to you to decide what is important to your life. Mobility or livability?

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