Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Home

10 Vital Reasons to live in a Shipping Container Home

In the last few years, there has been increasing acceptability in the use of shipping container as home, as people now crave for unique, comfortable, and convenient homes. Houses made from shipping containers are stylishly tiny, and could meet the perfect needs of inhabitants. Although from the exterior, shipping container homes may not be appealing like the conventional homes, but with the use of creative interior designer, interiors of homes made from shipping containers could be mind-blowing. It has been projected that by 2025, that the yearly growth rate of homes made from shipping containers would increase by 6.5%. There are some amazing benefits that you will experience if you are planning to move into homes made from shipping container. I therefore welcome you into the Tiny House family. Highlighted below are the 10 interesting benefits inherent in homes made from shipping containers.

The Shipping Container Homes are cheap

Homes made from shipping containers are usually cheap when compared with the conventional houses; as they are not made from the scratch, such as constructing the foundation, walls and the roof. This means that the conventional homes would require more resources than the shipping container. As for the homes made from shipping containers, there is availability of steel shell that only requires doors and windows to be installed. Other housing features that need to be installed for the homes made from shipping containers include cabinetry, flooring, insulation, and many others. There are many shipping containers available at cheaper prices. Conversely, there are small conventional homes available with various choices of interior designs, but they are usually expensive. The question is: Why would you want to pay for more when you can get cheaper and stylistic shipping container-made homes?

Shipping Container Home
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It’s ecologically friendly

The construction of conventional homes in one way or the other affects the environment, and quite a number of resources are used in making them habitable. Conversely, shipping containers are made from steel, and it could be recycled, with the ultimate goal of protecting the environment. The shipping container homes could be sited in any open site, and this does not affect the flora and fauna of the environment. Furthermore, one does not need to lumber trees. There are many ways to also make home made from shipping containers environmentally friendly and to minimise carbon footprint, which is through planting of grass, using glass tiles, installing solar power, and many others. Hence, living resources is minimal when it comes to homes made from shipping container, when compared with the conventional homes.

Shipping Container Home
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It’s rugged

Shipping containers are originally made to convey cargoes and consignment, and they are built to withstand very harsh weather. When shipping containers are converted and designed to make residential homes, they are durable to repel boisterous storms. For instance, shipping containers could withstand winds at 100 miles per hour. It is however important to be careful when cutting into sides, as this would compromise the structural integrity of the container. Climate-related disaster is very common in recent years, as over 20 million people were displaced by tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes. With homes made from shipping containers, the inhabitants are safe.

It’s movable

With shipping container homes, there is no limitation to where you want to live. For instance, with a flat-bed truck, you can turn your shipping container homes to summer camp near the beach, or you could relocate to another place entirely as the season dictates. Your shipping container home could also be made mobile by towing on a trailer. To make relocation of shipping container home a bit convenient, it should be bolted from the foundation, as welding its different parts could be cumbersome and hampers efficient relocation. More information and guidance could be gotten from builders of shipping container homes.

Its design can be customized

Although it is a shipping container, the home to be designed from it could be constructively altered by adding new homely features, such as stairs, and bay windows, and many others. The designer should therefore inculcate the functionality of the home and sensitivity to weather when planning shipping container homes. The design of shipping container homes could be flexible, bungalow-style, subterranean, and multi-story home, depending on the choice and taste of the owner. The owners of shipping container homes are therefore advised to consult a professional architect to make an informed decision. Depending on your choice when designing the floor or decorating the whole shipping container home, you can choose minimalism or popping features. If you want to design the home yourself, you can seek information on how to fancifully design your shipping container homes.

Shipping Container Home
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Its duration of construction is short

In constructing a conventional home, it is usually capital and resources intensive, and the duration could be between 4 to 6 months before it could be completed. Other factors such as logistics, weather and finance could further slow down the process of completing a conventional home. Conversely to shipping container homes, it is faster in its completion, and little resources are used in achieving this. Furthermore, shipping container homes is movable without it being destroyed. Within 4 to 10 weeks, you can have your shipping container homes completed with no iota of doubt; which cannot be said of a conventional home. Larger homes could be gotten from shipping container homes by joining several containers and reducing interior walls to make up for space. This transition from tiny home to larger home means resources and time to complete the shipping container home.

It’s out of construction site

Homes made from shipping containers could be constructed far away from where it would be erected, and this is ideal in sites where permanent building is not allowed. In addition, constructing ship container homes in remote places would be perfect where there is unavailability of workforce, thereby saving the resources of the owner. The onus will therefore fall on the owner of the ship container home to transport the completed home to the choice site. The closer the workforce and the materials needed for the construction of the ship container home, the cheaper it is for the owner.

It’s safer

It is very common to have ship container homes in the rural areas, as a result of the prevalence of break-ins peculiar to rural or remote places. However, ship container home would discourage any burglar, as its material is made of steel, which is rugged and less appealing to be burgled, when compared to conventional homes. In addition, the ship container home cannot be stolen because it is heavy and noisome when tampered with. Hence, notwithstanding the location to site it, ship container homes are safe and more secured from burglars.

It could be uniquely designed

Looking at the exterior of a shipping container, they all look almost the same, but if you would make it to be your home, you have to make a unique design that would suit your personal taste. The interior design of a ship container home is very important, as more time is spent indoor. Your new tiny home could be luxuriously furnished with resources that would be top-notch to make it lovable and cosy. It all depends on your taste, design and preferences. For instance, one of the best shot to launch creativity in designing your container home is to alter the windows. Window design could be arch or triangle, and black-tinted. The front door should not be boring, as it should ooze welcoming aura for inhabitants and visitors. Lightening system and design should be also considered, as this should give a unique ship container home.

Shipping Container Home
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Become a solution to reducing neglected containers in your State

There are quite a number of unused ship containers in some countries’ yards and ports, such as USA, and they have been neglected for years. It would be uneconomical to send them to places where it would be used for loading cargo. Be a good citizen by purchasing the containers, in an attempt to preserve the environment. However, while buying those unused containers, it should be thoroughly checked, and it must be in consonance with the rules of your state.

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